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Control your home energy expenses with our home energy enrollment plans. By choosing from our pricing options, you have the opportunity to choose which plan works best for your budgeting needs.

  • Preferred Fixed Rate: Confidently budget for your energy expenses with the UGI EnergyLink Preferred Fixed-Rate Plan. The fixed rate will begin on the next available date (as determined by your utility) and will continue for the length of the term, generally 12 months. Early cancellation fees may apply.
  • Monthly Variable Rate: This option will give you the freedom of market pricing for the 12-month term. With this plan, you will receive a specified price for the initial billing cycle only. Prices will change each month based on the current market rates and will include a pass-through charge of all wholesale energy costs incurred by UGI EnergyLink. With our natural gas variable-rate contract, you can enjoy low rates during the warmer months and have the flexibility to enroll in our Winter Lock Program* when rates generally tend to rise during the winter months. No early cancellation fees apply.
  • *Winter Lock Program (Available seasonally. Natural Gas Only.) – Price is locked for a winter service period of four months, November to March, as determined by your utility.

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We know your time is valuable – which is why we make home energy enrollment efficient and easy for you. It takes no more than five to ten minutes to enroll. With UGI EnergyLink, not only do you receive some of the most competitive rates in the industry, but more importantly, you get pricing transparency and reliable customer service. Simply fill out the form below to get started.

Please sign up with your local energy provide first.

In order for UGI EnergyLink to be your energy provider, you must first have an account with your local company. Please contact your local Natural Gas or Electric utility to open an account. When you have an account number with them, please return to our website and enter it at the appropriate time in the enrollment process.

For assistance, please contact our customer service team at: 800-797-0712



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