You rely on the natural gas in your Pennsylvania home 24/7/365 for heating, cooking, washing clothes or anything else! Home heating is an essential expense – but you don’t have to empty your bank account just to feel comfortable in your home. With a few simple tricks (and help from your natural gas company, UGI EnergyLink!) you can get the most out of your home natural gas. Try these tips and see how you can get more out of your residential natural gas than you ever thought possible!

Shop Around for Your Home Natural Gas

Think you already get a great deal for your residential natural gas? Think again! Due to natural gas deregulation, prices are now competitive so don’t be surprised if you find another company offering you natural gas at a lower price than your current provider. UGI EnergyLink has a great low price, so grab your natural gas bill and compare our price to what you’re paying now. You might find you’ve been paying too much!

Lock In Your Home Natural Gas Price

Some natural gas companies allow you to lock in one low price when you sign up. This protects you against seasonal fluctuations so you’ll never be surprised by the home natural gas rate on your bill. You’ll save money over time and get more for your residential natural gas. Wondering where to lock in a great low rate? You can sign up for our low rate today and never worry about seasonal fluctuations again!

Get Perks for Your Home Natural Gas

Many companies will provide you with residential natural gas and stop there – but others have additional services that could prove very beneficial to you. Our home natural gas company, for example, also offers HVAC services. You can sign up for a service agreement that gives you a yearly equipment inspection and 24/7/365 emergency repair service. This is something most other natural gas providers can’t offer you! You can stay with one company you trust to both provide you with your home natural gas and to keep your equipment up and running. You’ll have peace of mind an experienced technician will be there for you whenever you need help, even if it’s on the weekend or in the middle of the night!

Get Your Home Natural Gas from UGI EnergyLink

As you can see, getting your residential natural gas from UGI EnergyLink is the way to go! You can save money, lock in a great low rate and sign up for a service agreement all with one reliable company. Think switching to our home natural gas will be a hassle? Not at all! For most Pennsylvania residents all it takes is filling out a form on our website – it’s that easy. You’ll be switched to our home natural gas with no stress on your part. So even if you think you’re getting a good deal with your current provider, take a second look. You might find you can get the most out of your residential natural gas when you switch to UGI EnergyLink! Sign up for our home natural gas service today!