For many Pennsylvania residents today, how to reduce energy costs is a major concern. Your energy bill can be a big expense, but there are ways to lower it! Making some changes around your home can make a big difference in what you have to pay for your energy. At UGI EnergyLink, we understand you want to get high quality energy at a great price, and we want to provide you with that. But we also want to teach you how to reduce your energy costs so you can make the most of the natural gas you already get from us. Take a look at our useful tips to lower your energy bill and see what changes will work for your home!

How to Reduce Your Energy Costs: Choose the Right Appliances

You need appliances like dishwashers to keep everything in your home running smoothly, so why not choose ones that will use energy the most effectively? If you’re wondering how to reduce your energy costs, selecting high efficiency or ENERGY STAR products will use less of your energy, thus lowering your bill. Major appliances such as water heaters, refrigerators, clothes washers, freezers and more can all be found with the ENERGY STAR label. Why pay for a product that will just cost you more in the long-run? Choose a high efficiency or ENERGY STAR appliance and you can lower your energy bill.

How to Reduce Your Energy Costs: Seal Around Windows & Doors

While windows and door are essential parts of a house, unfortunately they can also be a way for energy to escape out of your home. You can run your heater or air conditioner as much as you want, but if the air is going out of your home instead of staying inside it won’t do much good. If you can feel drafts or air flow around your windows and doors, it is a good idea to consider replacing or sealing them. Windows and doors also come with ENERGY STAR ratings, so you can choose ones that will keep in the heat and cool you pay for! If you need to know how to reduce your energy costs in a very effective manner, upgrading or maintaining your windows and doors is a great option!

How to Reduce Your Energy Costs: Be Efficient

If you would like an easy answer on how to reduce your energy costs, using your appliances efficiently is it! It’s a simple trick many people don’t follow: if you aren’t using it, turn it off! Just making sure to turn off your appliances can help lower your energy bill substantially. You might think of turning off obvious things such as your TV and computer, but what about your furnace? If you are going to be gone for the day, turn it down. There is no need to heat your home when you’re not in it. Also be sure to unplug chargers when you aren’t using them – even if they aren’t attached your electronic device, they still pull power from your socket! Be more careful to turn things off and you could really reduce your energy bills.

How to Reduce Your Energy Costs: Switch to UGI EnergyLink

The best way to lower your energy bill: switch to UGI EnergyLink! Our goal is to provide your Pennsylvania home with quality natural gas at a great price. You can lock in our great low rate today and never have to worry about seasonal fluctuations again! Compare our price to what you are paying your current natural gas provider – you’ll probably save money by switching to us! Don’t pay more for your energy; contact us for more tips on how to reduce your energy costs today!