Everyone likes to save money, and you probably try to do that by purchasing items on sale, getting things used instead of new, etc. But did you know you can actually save money on essentials like your home heating and cooling? It’s true – all you have to do is choose natural gas in Pennsylvania. Read on to find out how you can save money by switching to natural gas, and learn how you can get yours from one of the leading Pennsylvania natural gas suppliers: UGI EnergyLink!

Natural Gas in Pennsylvania is More Affordable than Other Fuels

What are you paying for your heating and cooling? If you don’t have natural gas, you might be paying too much. Prices for natural gas in Pennsylvania have just recently dropped, so you can get a great rate right now. Compare your current rate to our natural gas service and see whether switching to us could save you money! Not only that, you can lock in your low rate so you’re never surprised by your energy bills. You can stick with one, affordable price for your natural gas service. All you have to do is make the switch to UGI EnergyLink!

Get More Efficient Appliances by Using Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

Natural gas appliances tend to be more energy-efficient than electric units – so you’ll be using less energy, meaning your bills get lower. Plus, natural gas furnaces can hit about 95% efficiency, which is great for your comfort and your wallet! Natural gas water heaters can give you hot water in half the time and will regenerate warm water much faster than other units. You don’t have to plan your hot water use around your showers! Plus, this added efficiency means lower energy bills for you.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

As you can see, switching to natural gas in Pennsylvania can make a positive impact on your wallet! But how can you save even more money once you get your natural gas service? Here are a few tips:

  • Insulate your water heater to maintain warm temperatures inside for longer
  • Make sure your walls and windows are well-insulated to keep warm and cool air inside
  • Use a programmable thermostat so you aren’t heating/cooling your home when you aren’t there
  • Use curtains or drapes on windows to keep direct sunlight from warming your home (do the opposite in the winter)
  • Close some heating/cooling vents in rooms not in use

Switch to UGI EnergyLink for Your Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

You can get your Pennsylvania natural gas supplied by UGI EnergyLink – all it takes for most people is filling out a form on our website. You can get switched to us in minutes, with no service interruptions. So what are you waiting for? Switch to us today so you can start saving money on your natural gas in Pennsylvania!