Although 2015 is off to a cold start, businesses throughout Pennsylvania can already begin to estimate their monthly electricity rates. Because PA has a deregulated electric market, companies are able to easily switch electricity suppliers with the possibility of securing a lower rate and saving money on their energy bills. For any business owner, even pennies saved here and there can make a great difference on their bottom line.

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UGI EnergyLink has been providing electricity to commercial properties for more than 127 years and our customer service staff has the experience and expertise to provide your company with reliable electric supply and even possibly save money!

Commercial Electricity Prices in PA for January 2015

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average retail price of electricity to commercial consumers in January 2015 within Pennsylvania was 9.54 cents per kWh (kilowatt per hour). If a typical PA small business were to use 1,000 KWh of electricity each month, its monthly electricity bill would be $95.40.

If your business has a smaller space or utilizes smart energy and electricity saving practices, you might pay even less each month!

Commercial Electricity Pricing Options

While each electric supplier’s rates will vary, UGI EnergyLink offers fixed rate pricing and indexed pricing for commercial customers. The fixed rate pricing is ideal for companies that need to meet a specific budget and want to be able to estimate their energy bills based on electricity consumption each month. Indexed pricing allows commercial customers to accept some level of risk by taking advantage of the market pricing. As a commercial customer of UGI EnergyLink, you will work with us to review your current buying and energy use habits to determine the best electric rate option for your business.

Choosing Commercial Electricity in PA for 2015

The opportunity to save on energy expenses should not be passed up, so if you’re looking to switch PA electric suppliers, here are some tips:

  • Understand your current electricity usage before switching
  • Compare different rates
  • Search for a reputable company with a history of great customer service
  • Look for additional services and features—like HVAC maintenance protection plans
  • Have your account number and current utility company handy when enrolling or inquiring about rates

At UGI EnergyLink, we have been supplying electricity to businesses for the past 127 years. Switching to our commercial electricity services could save your company money, plus you are able to lock in a low rate and avoid seasonal fluctuations with fixed rate pricing for commercial businesses.

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