Owning a small business can be stressful. From a new startup in Philadelphia to a mom-and-pop store passed down from generation to generation in our hometown of Wyomissing, small business owners alike can benefit from saving electricity and reducing their utility costs. As summer approaches in the Keystone State, small business owners will be running their air conditioners more, meaning increased consumption of commercial electricity and higher electric bills.

Below, we’ve outlined six electricity saving tips for Pennsylvania small business owners. Take a look at our tips from the experts below to find how you can save on electricity this summer!

How PA Small Business Owners Can Save Electricity

Running a successful small business is very different from big box retailers and other large companies. Because of the smaller storefronts and commercial properties small business owners operate in, you must approach electrical savings differently from your bigger competitors. For example:

1. Use natural light to your advantage

Unlike in large commercial buildings, it’s much easier to take advantage of the natural sunlight your property may offer. Small businesses often have more windows than a commercial or industrial facility. If you own a small storefront, use sunlight to provide lighting for your business. Summer in Pennsylvania offers longer hours of sunlight, so use it to your advantage for lighting.

2. Tune-up your HVAC system

The heating and cooling system provides year-round comfort for you and your employees, and for small businesses in Pennsylvania, scheduling an HVAC tune-up can go a long way towards saving electricity and reducing your electric bill each month. If your small business uses an electric heat pump, electric furnace, or air conditioning system, a seasonal check-up could increase the efficiency of your system and save your business hundreds on wasted electricity costs.

3. Turn off office equipment when not in use

Chances are the majority of your business’s office equipment runs off electricity. Computers, printers, televisions, and charging stations all consume electricity around the clock. Before leaving for the night, turn off all computers and electrical devices that are not essential to your business. If possible, turn off any and all surge protectors, even if the electrical devices plugged into them are turned off. Surge protectors and other chargers continue to draw electrical charge, even once charging is complete or their devices are turned off. Turning these devices completely off can help your small business save electricity and money, whether you have five employees or 50.

4. Install motion sensors

One of the leading causes of wasted electricity amongst small businesses in Pennsylvania is lighting in unused areas. If you have a back office, employee bathrooms, or another part of your business that goes unused for long periods of time, consider installing light motion sensors. Doing so will reduce electricity consumption and ultimately help save money on your bottom line.

5. Install ENERGY STAR® certified products

Making a commitment to ENERGY STAR certified products means the electrical devices your business uses are more energy efficient. According to Green Mountain Energy, ENERGY STAR devices use 10 – 50 percent less electricity than standard models.

6. Use fans to help regulate temperature

During the summer, an air conditioner can be small business owner’s worst nightmare. In Pennsylvania, temperatures skyrocket and high humidity levels can make being in your store or office unbearable. To relieve your building’s air conditioner from all of its cooling duties, use fans to help circulate cool air.

The improved air flow causes your AC unit to operate for shorter periods of time, instantly saving you electricity and money.

Commercial Electricity for Small Businesses in Pennsylvania

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