If you’re comparing fuel sources for your home, you should not ignore the advantages of natural gas. Here are the top five factors that make natural gas superior to other fuels for heating purposes.

Natural Gas Burns Cleaner than Other Fossil Fuels

If the environment is a top concern of yours, natural gas is the fuel of choice. According to the US Energy Information Administration, natural gas emits 117 pounds of carbon dioxide for every one million British thermal units (Btu) of heat it produces. By comparison, burning propane emits 139 pounds of CO2, oil emits 161 pounds, and coal emits 228 pounds.

Natural Gas is Less Expensive than Oil and Electricity

Fuel rates fluctuate, but natural gas is always cheaper than electricity and often more affordable than oil as well. Plus, when it comes to actual operating costs, natural gas wins every time. After all, gas-powered furnaces often achieve 8 to 10 percent higher efficiency ratings than oil models. And while electric furnaces have the best ratings of all by 1 or 2 percentage points, the much higher cost of electricity means natural gas is still the cheapest option.

Natural Gas is Lower Maintenance than Oil

First, there’s the convenience of having fuel lines that lead directly from the utility to your house, eliminating the need to have oil delivered and stored onsite. Then, because natural gas burns cleanly, you don’t need to pursue expensive chimney sweeping services, saving you money over the lifetime of the furnace.

Natural Gas is Versatile

Once you have natural gas lines put in, you can use this fuel to power appliances throughout your home for various heating purposes. Warm the air with a gas furnace or fireplace, dry clothes in a gas dryer, heat water in a gas water heater, and cook food on a gas stove.

Natural Gas Ranges are Better than Electric Ranges

Speaking of stoves, almost everyone prefers gas over electricity. The burners heat food faster and more evenly, and give you total control over the cooking experience. Commercial and at-home chefs alike appreciate the improved performance of natural gas ranges compared to electric burners.

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