UGI EnergyLink offers a Winter Lock program to those who are in a month to month (variable) program at the beginning of autumn.  Month to month pricing can offer you great rates most of the year, but when market prices rise in the winter, it’s a great option to be able to lock into a rate for those months – especially considering that you generally use more natural gas in the cold winter months for heating.

What Does It Mean To Lock In For The Winter Months? 

UGI EnergyLink’s Winter Lock Program generally covers four billing cycles, starting with your meter read in November and ending at your meter read in March. When the winter months approach, natural gas prices can be much more volatile, unpredictable, and often very high.

Do you remember the Polar Vortex of 2014 in the Northeast, where temperatures plummet across the East Coast from negative 14 degrees in Detroit, MI to 31 degrees in Tampa, Florida?  That sort of weather occurrence can wreak havoc on fuel prices.  And when it’s winter weather and winter prices, you could end up with a pretty hefty bill because you’re using so much more energy to heat your home or business.  By locking into a fixed rate for the most crucial months, you can help save on your natural gas bill, and keep your energy budget predictable.

How Does the Winter Lock Program Work?

UGI EnergyLink always tries to encourage our customers to lock into a fixed price during the winter months (November – March) to eliminate the risk of volatile winter pricing. In August, UGI EnergyLink starts pricing for the winter months, so we can offer our customers the lowest fixed rate during November through March.  You should receive your Winter Lock offer around the first two weeks of September.

For those who sign up for the program, we will procure your natural gas needs for the winter while market rates are still favorable, allowing you to rest easy all winter long.

The Winter Lock program is a short-term amendment to their original contract.  After your March meter read, your contract will revert back to the flexible variable-rate program in which you were previously enrolled.

How Do I Lock In The Winter Months?

UGI EnergyLink will send out a Winter Lock offer in early- to mid-September to those customers who are on a month-to-month (variable) rate.  Upon receipt of this offer you generally have about 30 days to “lock in” for November through March.  There are 3 ways to “lock in” your fixed price for the 4-month billing cycle.  (November – March)

  1. Fill out the response form from your Winter Lock letter and send it to the office.
    UGI EnergyLink Enrollment Department
    845 Knitting Mills Way
    Wyomissing, PA 19610
  1. Fax the response to the office at 610-374-4288
  2. Use your Web ID number to sign up online

What Happens When the Winter Lock Program Is Over?

After the Winter Lock Program (November – March) has expired, the pricing will revert back your original contract, a month-to-month (variable) rate.  All contracts expire at different months, so check your original contract to see what month your contract expires.  You will receive a PUC letter about 2 months before your contract expires informing you that your contract is coming up on renewal.  Then about a month before your expired month, you will receive a new renewal offer for either a fixed or variable rate.

Lock In Your Winter Rates Now!

Through UGI EnergyLink’s Winter Lock Program, you can maintain a consistent low energy rate throughout the cold season.  Its peace of mind in an uncertain and volatile market during the winter months when natural gas is needed the most.  So, by locking in now, you can capture the low rates and just sit back and enjoy the fall, since winter will be here before you know it!

Should you have any questions or concerns, our Customer Care team is ready to assist you.  You can call 1-800-427-8545, email us at, or fill out our Contact Us form online.