One of the ways to continue growing your business is to make sure you have a healthy bottom line. This requires you to control costs and cut any unnecessary spending. While you cannot possibly do without lighting and air conditioning, the last thing you need is for your electricity bills to eat into your profits and prevent you from expanding your business the way you want.

Right when you thought you had no power over the electricity rates for companies, UGI EnergyLink steps into the picture. We can help you review your current utility situation and help you develop a plan for purchasing electricity at a more affordable rate.

Sound too good to be true? We’re proud to say that our affordable rates are the real deal! Here’s how it works.

Who is UGI EnergyLink?

We are an electricity servicer who provide affordable rates for small businesses, institutional organizations, governmental organizations and national companies based in the eastern United States. We aren’t a utility company – rather, we work on your behalf to secure the most affordable rates possible from your utility company. Currently, we work with Met-Ed, PPL, West Penn, and Penelec among others.

We don’t just buy and sell electricity – we also own key energy generation facilities that are part of the PJM Power Pool. This strategy lets us optimize our own electricity generation with the broader PJM Pool so we can supply the most cost-effective electricity to your business.

Electricity Pricing with UGI EnergyLink

All our customers receive upfront, honest pricing and reliable electricity services. We provide a transparent pricing plan with no surprises or hidden fees. This allows you to better predict the impact of your electricity use on your organization’s budget and bottom line.

Pick from two pricing options:

  • Fixed pricing makes your electric bills more predictable all year round. When you have a strict monthly budget, knowing what your electricity will cost ahead of time is incredibly helpful. <a href=””>UGI HVAC</a>
  • Indexed pricing presents a greater price risk, and may result in higher bills some months, but the overall annual savings may increase thanks to fluctuating market prices.

After over 127 years in business, UGI EnergyLink has obtained the expertise needed to provide the level of service you expect. If you’re interested in locking in lower electricity rates for your business, please contact us today to learn more about the process of switching providers.