At UGI EnergyLink, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays—plenty of candy clutters our desks and we love to offer our customers “treats,” like the opportunity to save money on energy bills.

Thinking about switching to a local natural gas provider, like UGI EnergyLink, is on many Reading residents’ to-do lists as we get farther into October and closer to the colder months in Pennsylvania. Are you thinking of switching to residential natural gas? With a deregulated market, you now have the choice to save money on your energy bills—so you should know your options and understand the benefits of switching to UGI EnergyLink.

Have No Fear of Residential Natural Gas Heating

While the decision of who you will be for Halloween—whether it’s between Walter from Breaking Bad and Bill Nye the Science Guy or Cinderella vs. Ariel—choosing a local natural gas provider is not a hard decision. When comparing natural gas to propane or oil, the choice is easy: heating your home with natural gas is 25 to 35 degrees warmer than heat produced by either oil or propane. Not only is natural gas cleaner than other heating sources, it is a more affordable and efficient method to keep your home warm.

Do you ever pass unevenly cold spots in your house? Despite Halloween being just around the corner, it’s not a ghost—but it could be your propane or oil heating system! Natural gas heating eliminates those pesky hot and cold spots inside a home that are a result of unevenly distributed heat. Call UGI EnergyLink to make the switch to home natural gas heating—it’s an easy, sensible change.

While that stash of Halloween candy in your office desk drawer might not last long, with home natural gas heating, you’ll never run out of fuel, as it’s delivered directly to your Reading home using underground pipelines.

Once those trick-or-treaters have ravaged their candy rations and Christmas decorations begin to appear on in your neighbors’ yards, those underground pipes will be to your advantage. Because they are safely underground, the risk of supply disruptions from winter storms is eliminated.

Home Natural Gas Heating Saves Money

The most expensive time of the year is quickly approaching and you might already be racking up the credit card bill as you find holiday presents for friends and family. If not, the sole price of Halloween candy might have you double checking your receipts.

But don’t let that make you scream in fear; when you switch over to natural gas to heat your home, it is possible to save between 10 and 20 percent on your energy bill (compared to oil or propane heating methods).

Additionally, natural gas heating typically requires far less maintenance and fewer repairs than other heating sources—this means an extra bag of Reese’s and more importantly, greater savings down the road in your home in Reading.

Making the switch to residential natural gas heating is a simple and logical decision—you can benefit from savings and efficient heat that natural gas provides.

Switch to UGI EnergyLink’s Home Natural Gas Service

Switching residential natural gas providers in Reading is not as scary as Shocktoberfest or as complicated as Duncan’s Corn Maze. In fact, selecting UGI EnergyLink as your home’s natural gas provider is simple and stress-free! We offer both fixed and variable natural gas rates and other pricing options that you can choose from. To pick a treat, and not a trick, make the switch to a natural gas company that has great customer service and a variety of pricing options. Simply fill out this enrollment form.