It is that time of the year – school is in session! Bring on packed lunches, homework, bus travels, and maybe even some quiet R&R for mommy and daddy while the kiddos are at school. Some of you parents are seasoned pros, and some others may be sending your children off for the first time. No matter what your status is or what grade your child is entering, we are here to help to assure this is the most prepared school year yet! We have asked some of the experts, i.e. parents within our company, what their very best advice is for back-to-school season. We hope some of these can help alleviate the stress and first-day jitters!

Here is what our employees have come up with:

Wendy C.
“It is way more stressful for the parents than the kids! Kids are resilient and adaptable. So when your little one is crying getting on the bus, just know that they are most likely fine as soon as you are out of sight – even though you will remain heartbroken for hours, just thinking of them in tears!”

Kelli H.
“Make sure to arrive at your child’s pick up and drop off times earlier than what the paperwork stated. The first day, even week of school, the bus/car pick up times can be off schedule.”

Tairre G.
“This was my daughter’s first year of high school and last year was all virtual so this year I helped her prepare for in-person learning by taking her shopping and picking out new notebooks, folders, and fun colorful mechanical pencils.  I made sure she had everything she needed to feel excited about her first day back.  The morning of I made sure she was on time so there was no rushing around.”

Michelle Z.

“Some kids may feel a little stressed being back in school. One thing that can help is stress toys. Some schools will allow kids to bring these toys into school. They can be found on Amazon. School can be a lot for little ones to handle. I know that we, as parents, are looking forward to the new school year, but our kids may have fears that we may not know of. Stress toys can help kids to focus on something other than the issues that bother them.”

Jess R.
“I’d say the best things that have worked for me have been to set a schedule and a task list of expectations for before and after school (for myself and the kids). This has always helped to keep us all accountable while applying predictability and expectations upfront. Also, if the schedule isn’t working, change it (whenever and however you can)!”

Angela D.
“Some things that help my son and me include: a good night’s sleep, asking him what he’s looking forward to and what friends he wants to see again.  I also like to send a cute note in his lunch, and plan something fun after the first day of school to celebrate! This could be ice cream or dinner at his favorite place (even if that means McDonald’s).”

At the end of the day, we know you got this! You can handle anything that comes your way. Whether you are sending your little one off to pre-K, or have a teenager entering their last year of high school – we hope these pieces of advice can assist you in some way! Whereas there is not much certainty in this world, one thing is for sure, you are absolutely killing it and we could not be more proud!