While many homes and restaurants are switching to electric stoves, chefs across the nation are still swearing by natural gas. Natural gas offers benefits that electric stoves canโ€™t compete with. If you have never cooked on a natural gas stove, continue reading below to learn the benefits of cooking on a natural gas stove.

Advantages of Natural Gas Stoves and Ovens

Temperature Control

One of the top reasons chefs prefer natural gas is the ability to control the temperature. Because gas flames immediately grow larger or smaller with a touch of a dial, temperatures will increase or decrease immediately. Electric stoves, however, require the surface as well as the pan to cool before the cooking temperature cools. If you are a chef at a restaurant or like cooking in your own home, natural gas stoves will allow you to tackle those difficult, fast-paced recipes.

Faster Cooking Time

When using natural gas, your cookware will immediately heat, resulting in less wait time. Electric stoves require the actual surface to heat and then transfer the heat to the pan or pot. Because natural gas stoves use flame instead of electricity, you can start the cooking process faster.


If you use your stovetop or oven often for baking and cooking, electric stoves can often rack up electricity bills. Natural gas is an affordable fossil fuel that can be more affordable than using constant electricity.


Natural gas stoves and ovens have a longer lifespan than electric appliances. When your home or restaurant loses power, it can cause internal damage to certain parts of your electric oven or stove. Gas stoves and ovens are meant to last longer and handle more frequent cooking.

Better Treatment of Your Cookware

Are you tired of replacing your cookware because of damage? Electric stoves and ovens often dry out your cookware as well as your food. Because electric ovens use coils that simply heat up, the air inside the oven gets try and can crack cookware over time. If you notice your food or baked goods often come out dry, try cooking with natural gas. Natural gas uses flame to heat rather than electric coils, resulting in more moisture and less damage on your cookware.

How to Switch and Cook with Natural Gas

If you are considering switching to natural gas, there are a few steps you need to take. First, call your local natural gas company. They will be able to point you in the right direction to installing natural gas pipes to your home or business, as well as help you find affordable natural gas. Second, go shopping for a new stove and oven! Natural gas stoves come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find a stove perfect for your kitchen or restaurant.

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