When it comes to selecting a heating fuel, several questions come to mind: which fuel is cleanest? Most efficient? Least expensive? Of all the different heating fuels you have to choose from, natural gas offers the most benefits. Consider these facts when making your final decision.

Natural Gas is Clean

Compared to coal, oil or propane, natural gas comes out on top as the cleanest fossil fuel available. According to the US Energy Information Administration, natural gas emits 117 pounds of carbon dioxide per one million British thermal units (Btu) of heat produced. As a point of comparison, coal emits up to 228 pounds of CO2, oil emits 161 pounds and propane emits 139 pounds.

Natural Gas Appliances Cost Less to Run

Fluctuating natural gas and oil prices mean sometimes one is more affordable than the other. However, when you shop for furnaces, you’ll find that the efficiency ratings for natural gas models are typically 8 to 10 percent higher than oil furnaces.

On this note, you might argue that electric furnaces have higher ratings than natural gas units. While this is true, electric rates are much higher than natural gas rates, meaning the 1 to 2 percent higher efficiency of electric furnaces isn’t enough to offset the higher operating cost.

Natural Gas Appliances Require Less Maintenance

As if the savings from lower operating costs weren’t enough, natural gas appliances also have less costly maintenance requirements. Since the fuel burns cleaner, expensive chimney cleaning needed for oil and propane furnaces aren’t needed for those powered by natural gas. This saves you even more money over the lifetime of the appliance.

Natural Gas is Versatile

Anywhere you need heat in your home, natural gas can deliver. It can warm the air via a furnace or fireplace; cook your food on a stove, oven or grill; dry your clothes; and heat your water. Natural gas does all this with incredible efficiency.

Natural Gas is Ideal in Commercial Applications

Many businesses, especially the food service industry, benefit from natural gas appliances. Commercial kitchens are able to prepare food on gourmet gas stoves, which are the envy of at-home chefs. With convenient gas delivery from the utility company, restaurants never have to store a messy fuel on site.

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