Do you want to save money on your energy bills? If you’ve already had your heating and cooling systems maintained, cut your use where you can and make your home as efficient as possible, and still want to save, then it may be time to switch energy providers. In Pennsylvania, you have the opportunity to change the supplier you receive your gas and electric from, all without changing your utility company. Here’s how you can do it.

Shop for the Right Energy Provider

First, you need to compare prices with the various providers that are available. When comparing, make sure you look at all of the charges. This includes the cost for generation and transmission of the energy, the state’s Gross Receipts Tax as well as the company’s charges for implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards. When you compare all of these components, you will find the one that offers the best rate. UGI EnergyLink makes it easy for you to make these comparisons in one place.

Call the Provider

Making the switch is easy. Just call the supplier or sign up through the supplier’s website. When you choose UGI EnergyLink, we can assist you with making the switch and locking in a low rate. You can make the switch any time you want, and there are no deadlines. However, you may not notice any changes on your bill until your meter is read. The supplier you choose will notify your utility company of the change.

Use UGI EnergyLink to Save

If you want to make this process even easier, sign up for UGI EnergyLink’s energy saving services. We will help you choose a provider, lock in a rate and enjoy the benefits of a consolidated and predictable bill for your home’s energy needs. Learn more about UGI EnergyLink and how we can help you save today, or see our service area to see if your Pennsylvania home is included.

Give us a call at 800-797-0712 to switch your energy provider to UGI EnergyLink today!