As a responsible and rational homeowner in PA, it makes sense you would want to increase the value of your home. Surprisingly, many of the upgrades you can make to increase your home’s value are relatively simple, inexpensive, and directly beneficial to you and your family. If you’re currently heating your home with oil or propane, change to natural gas to increase your home’s value.

Homes with natural gas have a four percent higher resale value, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). This means you could potentially command several thousands of dollars more when selling your home by transitioning from oil or propane to natural gas. Making the change to natural gas is a wise investment for any PA homeowner.

Even with this in mind, you may think it’s simply too much of a hassle to transition to natural gas. What about the costs involved in making the change to natural gas? How reliable is natural gas service? Will home occupants be impacted, if at all, by a change to natural gas heating? What can I do to change to natural gas heating? UGI EnergyLink is more than happy to answer these questions.

The Change to Natural Gas Saves You Money

How would you like to not only increase the value of your home, but save money on your monthly energy bill at the same time? This is the ultimate win-win scenario PA homeowners can achieve by making the change to natural gas. In comparison to oil or propane, natural gas heating can save homeowners between 10 percent and 20 percent on their monthly energy bill. Additionally, clean burning natural gas furnaces demand less maintenance and fewer repairs than other heating sources, resulting in greater long-term savings.

The Change to Natural Gas is Reliable and Dependable

Pennsylvanians are quite accustomed to facing powerful and violent winter storms. Switching to natural gas heating means you’ll never run out of fuel since natural gas is delivered directly to your home via underground pipelines. This rules out the possibility of supply disruptions from storms or power outages. When you make the change to natural gas, you immediately can enjoy greater comfort knowing you won’t lose service in the winter.

Another major benefit of making the change to natural gas now—before the winter months—is that natural gas furnaces produce heat that is between 25 degrees and 35 degrees warmer than other heating sources, including oil and propane. Why pay more for other heating sources when they don’t keep you as warm?

Make the Change to Natural Gas with UGI EnergyLink

The direct benefits you can enjoy by switching to natural gas is the same reason you’ll be able to command a higher price from prospective future homebuyers: your home will be far more appealing to them.

As one of the oldest and largest natural gas providers in PA, UGI EnergyLink can take advantage of market opportunities unavailable to a regulated traditional public utility to provide consumers two great rate options for natural gas: fixed rates and variables rates. You can lock in a fixed rate now to protect yourself from sudden, unexpected increases in natural gas prices, which can create peace of mind when it comes to your energy bill. If you prefer a more flexible pricing option, you have the choice to go with UGI EnergyLink’s variable rate plan.

Make the change to natural gas today – you’ll enjoy several direct benefits while increasing the value of your home at the same time. All you have to do is fill out our simple enrollment form.