If you live in Allentown, PA, you’re most likely familiar with the deregulated natural gas market and that you now have a choice of natural gas companies. When you select a natural gas company, you are deciding how to best keep your home warm and how you might save money on your monthly energy bills.

There are many companies that provide residential natural gas services in Lehigh County—but how do you pick which one to use to keep your family comfortably warm all winter?

There are many natural gas companies that provide service to Pennsylvania and most of them will have services areas on their website that can indicate if they supply natural gas to Allentown. Once you have a list of natural gas companies, it’s time to compare them to decide what is best for your home service.  Here are some factors to consider when shopping around for natural gas providers—remember the choice is yours, so choose wisely and contact us at UGI EnergyLink!

Select a Company with Multiple Pricing Options

The cost of heating your home is most likely the biggest decision when it comes to selecting natural gas. While natural gas is a better choice than propane or oil, individual natural gas providers’ rates will still vary. Look for a company in Allentown that has great rates but also multiple pricing options. With a fixed-rate service, you can adhere to a strict budget and always expect the cost of your monthly energy bills. With variable-rate natural gas, you can take advantage of lower energy costs due to the fluctuating market.

UGI EnergyLink offers both fixed rates and variable rates to best provide for your home heating and budgeting needs.

Choose a Trusted and Experienced Provider

You’ll next want to look at how long different natural gas companies have been serving Allentown. Natural gas suppliers with experience have the connections needed to provide you with high-quality service. A brand new company attempting to enter the deregulated market may offer lower prices but they sometimes come with disorganization and customer service issues.

UGI EnergyLink is part of the UGI Corporation, which has 126 years of experience and satisfied customers under its belt.  With this advantage, we are able to offer low prices but have developed the capacity and structure to avoid disorganization and customer service issues seen in younger companies.

Consider the Transition Process to a New Supplier

A smooth transition process to your new natural gas provider is another important factor. If you already have natural gas lines installed in your home, the process is incredibly easy. If you switch to UGI EnergyLink, the process involves a simple enrollment form with some basic information questions and that’s it!

If you use a different type of fuel to heat your home, pipelines will need to be installed before you can begin benefitting from natural gas. To do this, call your local utility and see if there is a natural gas pipeline near your Allentown home, then UGI EnergyLink makes it easy for you from there!

Think About Customer Perks with Your Chosen Company

It’s not just about the lowest price that a company can offer you for home natural gas services—make sure to consider what other benefits the new company can offer you. For example, UGI EnergyLink offers Allentown residents the ability to lock in low rates to avoid seasonal fluctuations. While this might seem like a no-brainer choice to help you save on your monthly bills, some providers do not offer this option, preventing you from knowing exactly how much your monthly rate is.

Some suppliers also provide extra services to help you (and your home) stay prepared for any unpredictable event—whether your HVAC system breaks down or there is an issue with your gas fuel line. UGI EnergyLink goes that extra mile and offers a variety of protection plans for its Allentown customers.

Select UGI EnergyLink for Your Allentown Natural Gas Service

As you’re shopping for natural gas in Allentown, Pennsylvania, don’t forget about UGI EnergyLink. We are an experienced company that makes switching to our services simple and easy with this enrollment form and offer different pricing options to give you the power over your natural gas services. Contact us today to sign up!