If you are looking for a form of clean energy to heat your home, look no further than natural gas! Natural gas is a popular source of clean energy in Pennsylvania, and it’s an easy way to lessen your impact on the environment. Going green sometimes means making sacrifices, but not with natural gas. You’ll get efficient home heating and have the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part to help the environment. Learn more about this clean energy source and see how easy it is to switch to a clean energy company!

Clean Energy Compared to Other Sources

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2 million households in Pennsylvania used natural gas for their space heating in 2009. However, 1 million households used fuel oil for the same purpose during the same year. The U.S. Census Bureau reported the total households in PA in 2010 to be around 5.5 million, meaning a bit under half of PA residents rely on natural gas to heat their homes. Oil, on the other hand, only makes up 1/5 of heating sources in PA. This makes natural gas a very popular home heating choice for PA residents – but half the households in the state are missing out, and 1/5 are choosing one of the least clean energy sources: oil.

Oil, as you’ve probably heard a million times, has a detrimental impact on the environment and is not exactly the easiest (or cheapest) fuel source around. Oil puts more greenhouse gases into the air and since the majority of it comes from other countries, transporting it also causes even more greenhouse gas emissions. Natural gas, on the other hand, emits fewer greenhouse gases and most of it comes from here in the U.S. so it doesn’t have to be transported nearly as far. Even better, it moves across the country in an underground pipeline system so there are little transportation-related emissions when it comes to this clean energy source.

Also, heating oil is categorized as a hazardous material, and large spills can be very detrimental to the environment. While a natural gas leak is also dangerous and requires the immediate attention of your utility provider, it will not harm the environment.

Get Clean Energy from UGI EnergyLink

If you already have clean energy coming into your home, give yourself a pat on the back – you’re being good to the environment! Sometimes being green costs you more, but not with UGI EnergyLink. We have a great low natural gas rate so you can save money and the environment at the same. Switching to our clean energy company is easy, just fill out a form on our website and natural gas is on its way. If you don’t have natural gas in your home right now, consider having the system installed. You can make a difference to the environment and probably save money in the long-term by choosing natural gas. Switch to our clean energy company and see the difference you’ll make for the environment and your wallet today!