Choose Your Commercial Electric Pricing Option from UGI EnergyLink

At UGI EnergyLink, we strive to provide you with the highest quality commercial electric services that will make you want us to be your electric provider of choice for years to come. Your business relies on electricity every day, no matter how big or small your company or what industry you work in.

Your business uses electricity for more than just lighting. Heating, cooling, and company workstations are just three of the many ways commercial electricity is used on a daily basis. If you live or work in an area where energy is deregulated, it’s important to choose a commercial electric provider with multiple pricing options—like UGI EnergyLink!

Below, we’ve outlined our commercial electric pricing options, what they mean for your business, and the benefits of each option.

What Industries Do You Work With?

We don’t discriminate against any industry! Some of our commercial electric clients include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness Centers
  • Banks
  • Retail Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Office buildings
  • Real estate
  • Local organizations (e.g. YMCA)
  • Health facilities
  • Salons
  • Schools and universities
  • Parks, stadiums, and public facilities
  • Golf courses and country clubs
  • And more!

Commercial Electric Pricing Option #1 – Fixed Pricing

Many owners and managers looking for affordable commercial electric service choose UGI EnergyLink as their electric provider. The first pricing option for electricity we offer other companies is fixed pricing.

What Is Fixed Pricing?

Fixed pricing is when you—the customer—lock into a set rate for commercial electric service from UGI EnergyLink. No matter if it’s January 1st, the middle of summer, spring or fall, you’ll pay the same rate you agreed upon the day you enrolled. Our fixed pricing option means your price will not increase or decrease for the duration of your contract. Contracts may range from a few months to multiple years!

Who Benefits the Most from Fixed Pricing?

A fixed pricing option allows you—the business owner—to better budget throughout the year. Constant price certainty means you won’t be paying higher prices per kilowatt hour of usage at any time due to market fluctuations. All that affects your electric bill is how much electricity you use!

Because of its price certainty, we often see small and medium sized businesses benefiting most from our fixed pricing option for commercial electricity.

Commercial Electric Pricing Option #2 – Variable Pricing

In a deregulated electric market, business owners can choose their commercial electric supplier. At UGI EnergyLink, we let our customers choose their pricing option, too! Our second commercial electric pricing option is variable pricing.

What Is Variable Pricing?

A variable pricing option for commercial electric service takes advantage of market fluctuations, causing your monthly bill’s rate to rise and fall as the energy market fluctuates. Lower market prices result in a lower price per kilowatt hour of usage, and means a lower monthly electric bill for your company.

Who Benefits the Most from Variable Pricing?

Although variable pricing for commercial electric service is available for all of our customers, larger corporations and enterprises benefit more from our variable pricing model.

Why? Your commercial electric bill may fluctuate from month-to-month, rising and falling with the market. Often times, small businesses, startups, and mom-and-pop stores cannot afford to take the risk of a higher electric bill that large business owners can.

Which Commercial Electric Pricing Option Is Better?

A question our friendly customer service team often hears is, “Which commercial electric pricing option is better—fixed pricing or variable pricing?” The answer can be tricky depending on your business. Call us to speak with a UGI EnergyLink representative and learn which option is best for you—800-797-0712!

Our knowledgeable customer service reps will work with you to learn about your business and recommend the best pricing option for your commercial electric service.

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