How to Reduce Your Business’s Electric Bill This Summer

As spring turns to summer, residents across Pennsylvania venture outside their homes in search of the sunshine, warm weather, and the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. For business owners in Pennsylvania, summer often brings higher electric bills to accommodate for the rise in temperatures and to keep a cool storefront or place of business for their customer.

UGI EnergyLink is a commercial electric supplier for Pennsylvania businesses that specializes in providing electricity for businesses of all sizes—from hotels and large country clubs to convenience stores, hair salons, and laundromats. Below, we have outlined how you can increase your commercial air conditioner’s efficiency and lower the cost of electricity to cool your office or storefront this summer.

PA Businesses – How Much Will I Spend on Electricity this Summer?

Before you can start saving by lowering your company’s electric bill this summer, you must first understand how a commercial air conditioner differs from a home AC unit and how much electricity your business’s cooling system may use.

Commercial air conditioners vary from a traditional AC unit you may find in your home. For example, commercial cooling systems are often combined with your businesses heating system in what is called a “rooftop packaged system.” Or, your business may utilize a “VRF (volume refrigerant flow) system”, which operates much more efficiently than a traditional cooling system with an outdoor compressor unit.

The price to cool your office building or storefront can vary dramatically and depends on several factors, including:

  • Building size
  • Thermostat setting
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Air conditioner efficiency ratings
  • Electric provider
  • Industry (finance versus customer service)
  • Pricing option

For more details on how much you can expect to pay for commercial electricity this summer, contact your electric provider. To find how much you can save by enrolling in UGI EnergyLink’s commercial electric services, give us a call at 800-797-0712 or click here to speak with a UGI EnergyLink representative.

AC Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Follow the tips below to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by your Pennsylvania property’s air conditioner:

  • Raise your thermostat 1°F – Did you know that for every degree you raise your thermostat your business could save three to five percent on cooling costs? Not to mention, employees and customers are not likely to notice a single temperature degree change.
  • Schedule a tune-up – Air conditioner maintenance helps catch minor repairs that need to be made before they turn into larger, more expensive repairs in the event of a midseason breakdown. Scheduling cooling maintenance in the spring also improves the efficiency of your cooling system, causing it to operate for shorter periods of time and consume less electricity—thereby lowering the electric bill for your company! In larger commercial properties (hotels, hospitals, etc.), regular maintenance could help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars each summer.
  • Keep air vents free of obstructions – In a commercial building this can be somewhat difficult, especially for small business owners in Pennsylvania. For retail stores, this means preventing clothing racks and other displays from blocking air vents—the same goes for convenience store owners. If you own and operate a home services company (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) be sure to arrange offices in a manner that won’t compromise your cooling efficiency.
  • Use direct sunlight to your advantage – If you own a small business or mom-and-pop store in Pennsylvania, take advantage of natural sunlight to keep your location properly lit. Keeping the lights dimmed or even off during the hottest time of the day will reduce indoor temperatures, causing your air conditioner to run less frequently and reduce your electricity bill. This is also useful in offices or back rooms where customers infrequently visit.

Choose UGI EnergyLink as Your Commercial Electric Supplier

If you’re looking to cut energy costs while working with a reliable commercial electric supplier, call UGI EnergyLink! We have over 127 years of experience serving Pennsylvania and the East Coast with electricity at a price to fit your budget.

At UGI EnergyLink, we offer two pricing options for our commercial electric customers. Our fixed pricing option gives price certainty to Pennsylvania business owners, while our variable pricing option is suited for business owners who wish to take advantage of the flexible market pricing.

Contact UGI EnergyLink to learn how you can make the switch and start saving!

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