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Do you own a retail store in Pennsylvania? Are you looking to take control of your electric rates in order to improve your business’s bottom line? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At UGI EnergyLink, we give Pennsylvania retail owners and managers a choice in their commercial electric prices.

How do we do it? Previously, business throughout Pennsylvania had only one option when choosing an electrical provider—the local utility. Thanks to a deregulated electric market in the Keystone State, retailers now have the option to choose a commercial electric supplier best suited for the business.

Benefits of a Deregulated Electric Market

A deregulated electric market gives you purchasing power. Depending on the size, scale, and monthly budget of your retail store, you can choose a commercial electric supplier that is perfect for your store. There are many benefits to choosing UGI EnergyLink as your electric supplier in a deregulated market, including:

Commercial Electricity Pricing Options

UGI EnergyLink’s Commercial Electricity Pricing Options Available in PA

Due to the deregulation of commercial electricity in Pennsylvania, UGI EnergyLink offers two unique pricing options to Pennsylvania retailers:

Fixed Pricing Option

With a fixed pricing option from UGI EnergyLink, you pay a set price for electricity per kilowatt hour each month, regardless of the current market prices. Your monthly price is determined based on market prices when you first enroll, and never vary based on market conditions until your contract expires. This option is great for Pennsylvania retail owners because it allows you to lock in an affordable electric price for a set period of time—for a few months or even more than a year! No matter what size business you own, you can rely on a UGI EnergyLink’s fixed pricing option for affordable commercial electricity prices. This option is ideal for retail owners and managers on a strict budget.

Variable Pricing Option

If you choose to enroll in our variable pricing option for commercial electricity, you can take advantage of lowering market rates. As a retail store owner, this gives you more flexibility when planning your month-to-month budget since you may pay a different amount per kilowatt hour of electricity consumption each month. This option is ideal for large commercial retailers who can accept some level of price risk to take advantage of market pricing.

Switch to UGI EnergyLink for Commercial Electricity

Are you ready to make the switch to UGI EnergyLink’s commercial electric services? We provide:

  • Transparent pricing with no surprises or hidden fees
  • Excellent customer service from a company with more than 127 years of experience
  • The opportunity to save money on your monthly electric bill
  • The opportunity to better budget for your business
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