Commercial Electric Provider for Hair, Nail & Tanning Salons

Running a beauty salon requires long hours of operation, and the hours your salon is open mostly revolves around the schedules of other people—your customers. Energy use among salons can be extremely high. In addition to constant lighting, things like hooded hair dryers, hair straighteners, clippers, and tanning beds can rack up a hefty electrical bill if you’re not careful.

UGI EnergyLink is a commercial electric supplier for beauty salons throughout Pennsylvania. Commercial electricity is deregulated in Pennsylvania, meaning you can choose which electric provider is best suited for your salon in order to maximize your purchasing power. Enroll in our commercial electric services today!

How to Conserve Electricity in Beauty Salons

There are many ways to reduce the amount of energy consumed in you beauty salon, including:

  • Turn off equipment – Perhaps one of the easiest ways to conserve electricity, turning off hair dryers, straighteners, clippers, tanning beds, televisions, radios, and other electrical devices in your salon overnight or when they are not in use.
  • Install LED lights – LED lights (“light emitting diodes”) are highly efficient and can last up to 50 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. Not only does their increased lifespan mean less money spent on replacing your lights, LED lights use approximately 85 percent less energy than other types of commercial lighting.
  • Use motion-activated sensors and dimmers – Installing motion-activated sensors and dimmers prevents your lighting from exerting maximum energy at all times and reduces the amount of time your salon’s lights are in use. These are great for back offices, bathrooms, tanning rooms, or any other area not in continuous use by customers or employees.
  • Use high-efficiency equipment – Whether you’re a nail salon, tanning salon, or hair salon, replacing your old equipment with newer, more energy-efficient models can help you save money long-term. Tanning beds, hooded hair dryers, washing machines and dryers are all equipment that should be replaced with more energy-efficient models.
  • Enroll in commercial electric services from UGI EnergyLink – By making the switch to UGI EnergyLink’s commercial electric services, you can choose an electric provider best suited for your Pennsylvania salon and better budget for your business. Give us a call to enroll today!

Our Commercial Electric Pricing Options

When you enroll your Pennsylvania beauty salon in our commercial electric services, you can choose between two unique pricing options. These include:

Fixed Pricing Option

With a fixed pricing option from UGI EnergyLink, you pay a set price for electricity per kilowatt hour each month, regardless of the current market prices. Your monthly price is determined based on market prices when you first enroll, and never vary based on market conditions until your contract expires. This option is great for Pennsylvania business owners because it allows you to lock in an affordable electric price for a set period of time—for a few months or even more than a year!

Variable Pricing Option

If you choose to enroll in our variable pricing option for commercial electricity, you can take advantage of lowering market rates. As a salon owner or manager in the Keystone State, this gives you more flexibility when planning your month-to-month budget since you may pay a different amount per kilowatt hour of electricity consumption each month.

Enroll Today!

Thinking about switching to UGI EnergyLink? When you enroll in our commercial electric services, you’ll receive:

  • Over 127 years of industry experience
  • Excellent customer service from our UGI EnergyLink representatives
  • The opportunity to save money on your monthly energy bills
  • Reliable electricity delivered to your salon
  • And more!
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