As the autumn leaves continue to fall and winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about choosing your church’s natural gas provider. With natural gas from UGI EnergyLink, we provide a clean, reliable, and affordable energy solution for your church or place of worship. Not only do we offer a variety of natural gas pricing options at UGI EnergyLink, we aim to keep your energy bills as low as we can—the perfect fit for churches looking to keep costs low.

Enroll today to find how much you could save by choosing natural gas from UGI EnergyLink.

Benefits of Natural Gas to Heat & Fuel Churches

It’s Reliable.

Once enrolled, natural gas is available throughout your church whenever you need it. Don’t worry about scheduling fuel deliveries or carrying any heavy containers. Natural gas enters your church through underground pipelines, ensuring available energy during winter storms or power outages.

It’s a Clean, Efficient Fossil Fuel.

When you choose to use natural gas, you are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. With no damaging emissions, natural gas provides a safe environment for you to live and worship in. Whether you’re heating your church or hosting a community get-together, natural gas from UGI EnergyLink will keep your church at a comfortable temperature and provide fuel for your church’s kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and more!

It’s Affordable.

Your church receives transparent pricing—meaning no surprises or hidden fees. In a deregulated market, your church will have the ability to choose which UGI EnergyLink pricing option works best, ensuring energy bills are kept affordable and your church is kept warm.

Natural gas is also cheaper than its fuel competitors—propane and electric energy—making it the best option to fuel your church.

Commercial Natural Gas Uses for Churches

There may not be as many people passing in and out of your church during the week as the weekends, and natural gas is a great way to easily heat your church during unneeded hours. Natural gas also provides comfort in kitchens, bathrooms, hot water heaters, furnaces, and more. Natural gas can be used for:

  • Fast heating – Not using a room all the time? No problem! Quickly heat a room or area before use to save on energy costs
  • Appliances – Natural gas is a safe fuel choice to power all of your kitchen and bathroom and appliances
  • Hot water – Thank to the underground pipeline supplying natural gas to your church, you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water in your church’s kitchen or bathroom

Pricing Options for Commercial Natural Gas

  • Fixed pricing – Set your price in stone with fixed pricing from UGI EnergyLink. Our fixed pricing plans allow you to lock in pricing for an extended timeframe.
  • Monthly pricing – In a deregulated market, monthly pricing gives you and your church the flexibility of variable market conditions.
  • Triggered Pricing – Working with an UGI EnergyLink representative, we will help you control prices by suggesting NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers at great pricing levels for your church.
  • Fuel Switching – Based on market variables, you may have the option to select varied fuel choices to increase your church’s savings. This option allows you to take advantage of cheaper prices among different fuel options.

Make the Switch to Commercial Natural Gas from UGI EnergyLink

At UGI EnergyLink, we provide safe, reliable, clean natural gas to your church. Our payment options allow you to lock in a long term price, or switch month-to-month, depending on your selection. Contact the experts at UGI EnergyLink to learn more about our commercial natural gas services.