Do you know how much your membership organization is spending each month on natural gas? Whether you operate a gym, country club, wholesale club, etc. you need power to run your business. It is particularly important to know your monthly energy costs when you work in a deregulated energy market—otherwise you could be spending hundreds of extra dollars that could be better used elsewhere for your business.

At UGI EnergyLink, we bring over 127 years of industry experience to your Pennsylvania business. We can help you select the right pricing option for your organization and provide reliable, affordable service.

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Energy Use for Membership Organizations

Your organization uses natural gas throughout many of its daily operations, including:

  • Heating and cooling – Various rooms and areas throughout your organization need proper ventilation, heating, and cooling during periods of operation.
  • Fueling appliances – Use natural gas to power any appliances found throughout your organization—including, kitchen appliances, and more!
  • Lighting – No matter what type of organization you own or manage, use natural gas to keep the lights on for your members.
  • And more!

Be sure to read about our four, natural gas pricing options and how each option can help your organization start saving!

Benefits of Natural Gas

There are many benefits of choosing natural gas from UGI EnergyLink to fuel your organization—it can be used everywhere and is well suited for almost all commercial applications. Let’s take a look at some other benefits of natural gas provided by UGI EnergyLink:

  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel – Natural gas generates less greenhouse gases than coal or oil, not to mention it is the healthiest fossil fuel for the environment—and for you! According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, natural gas emits, on average, half the amount of carbon dioxide, less than a third of the amount of nitrogen oxides, and less than one percent as much sulfur oxides of other fossil fuels.
  • Natural gas appliances are more efficient – Your organization could save more money than you already are by using natural gas to fuel your appliances.
  • Natural gas is domestically abundant – Natural gas is available within the United States, and is formed after millions of years from layers of decayed plants and animals. Natural gas can also be manufactured using machines called digesters—which avoids waiting millions of years for additional supply.
  • Natural gas is reliable – It is important to have reliable fuel delivery during the sometimes harsh winter months in Pennsylvania. Never run out of fuel during a winter storm by using natural gas. Natural gas is delivered to your business through underground pipes—meaning no scheduled deliveries or deliver interruptions.

Why Choose UGI EnergyLink?

When you enroll with UGI EnergyLink, you receive reliable, professional, affordable service. Our industry expertise will help you:

  • Choose the best pricing option
  • Deliver fast, affordable service to your organization.
  • Better predict your energy bill with transparent pricing.
  • Easily switch to UGI EnergyLink—no service interruptions.
  • And more!

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