A consistent, reliable energy source is critical to the daily operation of various health services. Hospitals, urgent care centers, pediatric offices, and other healthcare facilities all depend on a reliable energy source in order to provide the healthiest environments to treat patients.

Commercial natural gas is one of the best energy options for any health service provider. Not only is natural gas abundant and produced domestically, it is the cleanest of any fossil fuel and provides a reliable energy source any health service can count on.

Natural Gas Use by Health Services

Often pressured by tight budgets, hospitals and other healthcare services in the northeast United States—and in Pennsylvania—look for low- or no-cost energy reductions (like increasing awareness to turn off lights when not in use) in order to maximize efficiency. Natural gas can be used for various health services to:

  • Heat and cool floor space – 57 percent of natural gas use by hospitals is used for heating and cooling purposes. Natural gas helps provide consistent, comfortable temperatures and improved air quality when heating and cooling and helps create a medically safe environment for all occupants.
  • Heat water – In addition to heating and cooling, natural gas is used to meet 30 percent of all water heating needs. Natural gas is not only used by healthcare providers to heat water for showers and baths, but also for dishwashing and disinfecting (washing hands and scrubbing in for surgery).
  • Cook food – Four percent of all natural gas used by hospitals is consumed in the kitchen. Natural gas is an efficient energy source for commercial refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, and more.

Commercial Natural Gas Pricing Options from UGI EnergyLink

UGI EnergyLink supplies natural gas to healthcare providers in Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), Washington DC, Massachusetts (MA), Ohio (OH), North Carolina (NC), and Virginia (VA).

Pennsylvania’s government passed the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act in 1999 as part of an effort to deregulate the natural gas market. As a result, consumers have the option to choose their natural gas supplier. At UGI EnergyLink, we also let you choose which natural gas pricing option that works best for your healthcare service. We offer:

Fixed Price

With fixed pricing, lock in a pre-set price for a period of time ranging from several months to over a year.

Monthly Pricing

Buying at a monthly price gives you some predictability on energy costs while allowing monthly flexibility to take advantage of variable market conditions.

Triggered Price

With triggered pricing a UGI EnergyLink representative will help you control prices by recommending NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers to receive the best pricing levels for your healthcare service.

Fuel Switching for Savings

Fuel switching allows you to take advantage of various fuel choices to maximize purchasing power. Switch between natural gas, fuel oil, or propane, depending on seasonality, market conditions, and product price differentials.

Trusted Natural Gas Provider in Pennsylvania

UGI EnergyLink is one of Pennsylvania’s largest and oldest natural gas suppliers, supplying natural gas to commercial customers in nine different states. We are dedicated to providing responsible, effective solutions to help you make the best energy decisions for your healthcare facility.

To learn how much you could save from UGI EnergyLink, contact us or fill out our easy-to-use online enrollment form!

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