Summer has nearly arrived—and as the temperatures begin to soar, consumers throughout Reading, Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster, and other areas in PA can expect their electric bill to rise as well. As the hot weather sets in, air conditioners will be working on full blast, sending electric bills through the roof. You may soon be asking yourself, “How can I cut my electric bill?” Now is the right time to transition to UGI EnergyLink’s residential electricity services.

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PA Electricity Deregulation Allows You to Cut Your Electric Bill

Under electricity regulation, Pennsylvanians had only one option when it came to choosing an electricity provider—including utilities such as Met-Ed, Penelec, PPL, West Penn Power, and some other providers. Electricity deregulation allows multiple service providers—such as UGI EnergyLink—to compete. The purpose of electricity deregulation is to lower prices and increase customer satisfaction by introducing competition into the market.

You may be familiar that electricity consumption is measured in kWh (kilowatts per hour). Saving just a few pennies on the amount you pay for electricity per kWh can go a long way in cutting your electric bill. The average PA home consumed 870 kWh per month in 2011 at a rate of 13.26 cents per kWh. This translated to a monthly bill of $115.33. Saving an additional two cents per kWh, for example, can translate to monthly savings of nearly $20, which means over $200 in annual savings.

Since electricity consumption typically rises in the summertime (HVAC systems work full blast during the summer in PA), the savings opportunity available right now is significant.

How UGI EnergyLink Can Help You Cut Your Electric Bill

As a deregulated electric supplier, UGI EnergyLink doesn’t just buy and sell electricity in the marketplace—we own key generation facilities, which are part of the PJM Power Pool. By optimizing the combined use of our own generation and broader PJM Pool, we can supply the most reliable and cost-effective electricity to your residence.

You can decide to cut your electric bill for the summer months ahead right now. All you have to do is fill out a simple enrollment form on our website. You’ll experience no service interruptions and will enjoy the same high quality service that you currently do.

Other Ways to Cut Your Electric Bill

In addition to making UGI EnergyLink your electricity supplier, there are some other excellent steps you can take to cut your electric bill. We recently wrote a blog post highlighting these. To recap, you should:

• Buy Energy STAR qualified appliances.

• Turn off lights in any room where lighting is no longer necessary.

• Locate and seal air leaks.

• Replace any old windows with new high performance dual pane windows.

These steps—in conjunction with making us your electric company—will help cut your electric bill. If you have any questions, contact us today!