August is always a bittersweet month in the Northeast. Labor Day is approaching, summer is closing, and fall is near; and that means kids are going back to school. Children of all ages are using more technology than ever in the classroom, resulting in an increase demand for electricity and electric bills.

Whether you are on the school board, a principal, or a teacher, there are ways to help conserve electricity this school year; continue reading to learn how!

How to Conserve Electricity

Conserving your school’s electric use this year can be easy with a few simple adjustments.

Turn Off Lights

On average, lighting accounts for nearly 50% of a school’s electric bill. To cut back on this cost, turn the lights off when you leave the classroom. This includes while outside for recess, lunch breaks, and at the end of the day. Large rooms such as cafeterias, auditoriums, and gymnasiums should also conserve energy by turning the lights off when not in use.

Turn Off Equipment

Before you leave for the evening or weekend, check that all computers, printers, and other appliances or equipment are turned off. Even if these electronics are on standby, it can cause more electricity to be used than needed. Saving electricity in each classroom overnight can result in an overall lower use of electricity each month for the entire school.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the most efficient lighting to date. Lasting 50 times longer than traditional lighting, it increases the lifespan of your lights resulting in lowering replacement costs. LED lights also use approximately 85% less energy than other types of commercial lighting. Making the switch to LED lighting can result in less electricity used each month and lower the electricity bill.

Electricity Supplier for Schools

If you are in charge of an educational institution’s finances and electricity source, consider switching your electrical service to an affordable electric service, like UGI EnergyLink. Based in Pennsylvania, we provide electric to schools throughout PA, as well as the following states:

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Switch to UGI EnergyLink Commercial Electric Service

Switching to UGI EnergyLink has never been easier. We offer two pricing options to choose from: fixed pricing and variable pricing. Fixed pricing is an excellent option if your school needs to meet specific budgets each month. This pricing plan is a fixed monthly rate with no surprises or hidden fees. The variable pricing option is suitable for schools that are able to accept changing electric bills, depending on wholesale market conditions.

When you switch to UGI EnergyLink, you also receive:

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