If you’re trying to decide which energy source makes the most sense for your business, you should understand their differences and the individual benefits they offer. UGI EnergyLink offers electricity, propane, and natural gas services to our customers. Which one is the right choice for you?


One of the benefits of commercial electricity is deregulation. This allows you the freedom to choose the supplier of your commercial electricity and provides consumers with more choices. It also helps create competition among suppliers, which keeps costs down. Without deregulation, utility companies would have control over the entire energy process—from generation to commodity, including customer service. With deregulation, the customer has a choice.

Energy suppliers typically offer a fixed pricing option or an indexed (variable) pricing option.

Fixed pricing allows the customer to lock in a constant, guaranteed price for a specific period of time. On the other hand, indexed pricing is suitable for customers who accept the risk associated with fluctuating market prices.

In general, electricity is a reliable, low-maintenance energy option.


Much like natural gas, propane provides fuel for energy-efficient heating and power. Propane air production involves the process of blending a mixture of propane and air into a natural gas distribution system to support demand during peak times.

This service reduces the need to carry costly pipeline capacity all year long and protects businesses from reduced pipeline pressure and natural gas interruptions.

Other benefits of using propane for your business’s energy include:

  • It’s economical: Propane is a cost-effective choice, especially for large warehouses and factories.
  • It’s cleaner: Propane has low, nontoxic emissions and doesn’t create an environmental hazard if it’s spilled.
  • It lasts a long time: Unlike gasoline, propane won’t deteriorate over time. It also won’t thicken in cold weather like diesel.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is odorless, colorless, and nontoxic. It’s typically a preferred commercial heating source due to being widely available and versatile, among other benefits:

  • It’s affordable: The price of natural gas is typically much lower than propane or oil heating. Also, these costs are expected to remain low for the next several decades.
  • It’s predictable: UGI’s fixed-rate pricing plan allows you to predict your monthly heating costs compared to fluctuating oil or propane costs.
  • It’s the cleanest-burning fuel source: Natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases than oil or propane.
  • It’s domestically abundant: Thanks to a massive deposit of shale gas directly under the state, Pennsylvania is a leading producer of natural gas. The local availability of natural gas in our home state allows for lower prices and reduces dependence on foreign energy.

When it comes to your commercial energy, don’t settle for the cheapest. UGI EnergyLink offers multiple cost-effective and reliable choices. Ready to make the switch? Sign up today.