More Pennsylvania residents these days are making an effort to light their homes efficiently. With the right light bulbs and energy-efficient lighting techniques, you can reduce your electricity consumption to lower your energy bills and take an important step toward a “greener” planet.

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Install Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

If you still use old incandescent bulbs, trade them out for modern lights that use less energy yet provide brighter illumination. Your top options include:

  • CFLs: Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have “curly” bulbs and come in different light “temperatures,” ranging from cool to warm. They consume around 75 percent less energy than incandescent lights and last about eight times longer. The bulbs cost more initially, but their energy efficiency and long lifespan allow them to pay for themselves.
  • LEDs: Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the best energy efficient light bulbs for several reasons. They emit very little heat, consume 80 to 85 percent less energy than incandescent lights, and last 20 to 25 times longer. LED bulbs were once cost prohibitive, but recent advancements in this technology have brought LED prices down to a couple of dollars each.

Use Dimmer Switches

Sometimes, you need a light level between “on” and “off.” That’s where dimmer switches are useful. You can lower the light level when appropriate so you only consume the electricity you need. Dimmer switches can even extend the life of a bulb because shining at a lower output is less draining than operating at full power all the time.

Just be sure to choose bulbs that are compatible with dimmer switches. Halogens have full dimming capabilities, but you’ll need specific dimming CFLs and LEDs to avoid a fire hazard.

Install Timers

A traditional timer is easy to use and helps you control when your energy efficient lamps turn on and off. You can also get creative with smart home products designed to automate your lights and let you control them from anywhere using your smart phone. These options help to ensure you never pay for lighting when you don’t need it.

Consider Different Light Fixtures

To get the most from your energy efficient bulbs, be sure to use them in the appropriate fixtures:

  • Recessed lighting: This makes for good general lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. Recessed lights provide broad illumination to brighten an entire room.
  • Pendant lighting: It’s common to see pendants over kitchen counters, dining room tables, and entryways. They provide light to a specific area in a more decorative way than recessed lights.
  • Standing and desk lamps: When you only need light in a specific area, lamps provide excellent task lighting. These often contain a single bulb to direct light where you need it while consuming the least amount of energy possible.

Energy Efficient Lighting in PA

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