Do you use a gas furnace to heat your home during the winter? It’s important to maintain your equipment with regular gas furnace service to make sure it continues to work properly and doesn’t break down at an inconvenient time – like on one of these cold days! Find out all you need to know to keep your gas furnace working to its full potential from UGI EnergyLink, Pennsylvania’s premier natural gas company. We know natural gas, and we also know a lot about the appliances that run on it. So keep your appliances up and running with our advice so you can continue to use your natural gas furnace for all its worth!

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Your gas furnace is a machine, and you have to remember to keep up with maintenance. The best thing you can do to prolong the life of your gas furnace (and ensure your home is getting the cleanest air possible) is to replace the air filter every few months. This ensures both the air coming into your home is clean and your gas furnace won’t struggle to blow air through a clogged filter. Other than that, go over your manual to check when your gas furnace needs scheduled maintenance. To take this worry off your mind, you can hire a company to come to your home for a scheduled inspection of your gas furnace. This way, your gas furnace maintenance won’t be something you ever have to worry about again. An experienced company will come look at your gas furnace and find any potential problems before they become a big issue. UGI EnergyLink offers gas furnace service with our UGI AdvantageSM Service Agreement. Under this plan, one of our technicians will come to your home and inspect your gas furnace and other appliances for potential problems once a year. It is better to be proactive and fix problems as they come up rather than having to do major repairs when there is a serious issue! You can leave your gas furnace maintenance to us and enjoy the heat your furnace gives you without worry!

Gas Furnace Repair

Imagine you are sitting comfortably in your warm home watching the snow fall outside when all of a sudden, your gas furnace stops working. You’ll have to call for emergency gas furnace service and hope a technician is available to help you. Even worse, this could happen on a holiday or in the middle of the night when it is even more difficult to find a company that does emergency repairs. You could have to suffer in a cold house for days! The best way to safeguard against getting stuck in a cold home is to sign up for a protection plan. This will guarantee you emergency gas furnace repair no matter what day or time of the night it is. Your home will be on the path back to warmth with just a phone call! UGI EnergyLink also offers this service to Pennsylvania residents. With our protection plan, you will get gas furnace repair whenever you need it so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable in your home.

Gas Furnace Service from UGI EnergyLink

If you want to ensure a good performance from your gas furnace, sign up for gas furnace service with a UGI AdvantageSM Service Agreement. Depending on the level of coverage you choose, you can get an annual inspection as well as emergency gas furnace service 24/7/365. You can feel confident our experts will catch any potential problems before they cause a breakdown – and if a breakdown does occur, you’ll be happy to know we will get to you in no time to quickly repair your furnace. You even choose to get coverage for your water heater, air conditioner and fuel line too! Everything you need to keep your home comfortable will be just a phone call away. Don’t get left in the Pennsylvania cold – contact us to sign up for gas furnace service with a UGI AdvantageSM Service Agreement today!