children hold light bulbs in sun

It seems like we blinked and the end of summer is already drawing near! It’s hard to believe that we are getting the kids ready for school and preparing for a new season. We hope that you have used this summer as a relaxing and enjoyable time to reset.

As we trade in our beach bags for backpacks and get into a new routine, we think it is the perfect time to start implementing fun ways to save energy with your kids. With their minds open to new things, this is a great topic to add to their learning list!

At UGI Energy Services, we strive to show you that energy is an interesting topic that doesn’t need to leave you with question marks. Discussing with your children and learning alongside one another can be a great experience for your crew. Working towards energy savings can be an enjoyable, rewarding, and lucrative effort in which the whole family can get involved!

Energy is a commodity that fuels our lives in so many ways. For children (and even adults), it can be hard to wrap our heads around something so significant in our lives that we can’t see or touch. Energy can be complicated, but we want to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Before we actually start saving energy, we need to learn the basics of energy and energy use and share them with our children. It can be very helpful to explain energy in a relatable way, such as, what powers the video games they play, the ceiling fan in their room, or the bus they take to school. Providing analogies for how energy fuels items, such as how food fuels our bodies, also provides a clearer picture. Believe it or not, even our littlest family members consume a significant amount of energy. By making small adjustments as a family, you can see big changes to your energy bill. Getting the kids excited about energy is something that will pay off for your entire household!

In today’s world, we have grown very accustomed to electronics and automation. It is more important than ever to take a step back and explore the great outdoors. By offering kids another outlet for their time and energy, they can see the fun that is right in their backyard.

Turning devices off and playing in natural sunlight is a win-win for energy savings. Another great option for getting active outdoors is by having your child help plant a tree or garden. Fresh air, sunlight, and adventure are three ingredients for a memorable day. Also, getting your kids involved with yard work offers you a helping hand and your children a wonderful experience. If the day does not allow for being outdoors, break out the board games or plan a scavenger hunt indoors. A day of unplugged fun may be just what the doctor ordered!

One of the many benefits of educating your children about energy is that it can be lots of fun! Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on your teaching style. Try finding new, creative ways to get everyone interested and those little lightbulbs shining bright.

You can create a game such as energy trivia or play the “ribbon” game. To do this, have your child hold a piece of ribbon at either end and hold it near doorways, window edges, or cracks to see if it moves. If so, that means they have discovered a leak.

The goal of these games is to keep them engaged and wanting to know more. If you have a list of duties that your child takes care of, think of adding, “thermostat duty” to the list. This ensures your unit is operating at the right temperature and gives them an important task where they can have a sense of pride.

We hope that you find these suggestions useful and enjoy sharing them with the whole family! Get ready to enjoy a more efficient household and better yet—happy kiddos!

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