As the holiday season arrives, so do the lavish lighting displays and holiday decorations. Unfortunately, higher energy costs can come along with these festive displays. To help you this holiday season, we’ve collected some of the best holiday tips to help you save money and energy!

Ways to Save Energy During the Holiday Season

There are a number of ways you can save energy without sacrificing your holiday decorations and displays. Here’s what you should know about saving energy this holiday season.

LED Lighting

Throughout the years, incandescent lighting was incredibly popular. However, this type of lighting can be terribly inefficient and can increase costs. You can save in energy and costs by switching to LED lighting. LED lighting lasts ten times longer than incandescent lighting, and there’s no glass or filaments to break!

LED lighting can save up to 70% in energy compared to traditional lighting. In addition, you’ll benefit from brighter lights and increased safety since LED bulbs are much cooler during use when compared to incandescent lighting. You can also connect more strands of LED lighting without overloading sockets.

Limit Hours of Use

We all love holiday lighting, but it isn’t necessary to leave them on 24-hours a day. Set timers that will turn off your lights at a pre-set time and save a bundle! If you are still using traditional incandescent lighting, this will give you even more savings.

You can also limit your secondary lighting. There’s nothing more stunning than a brightly lit Christmas tree as a single source of light. So, if you have your Christmas tree lit, turn off other lighting, like lamps or overhead lights. This helps you to save money and enjoy different looks with your holiday lighting.

Get Creative

Lighting displays are more than just strands of light. You can add reflective tinsel, ornaments, and other creative displays that will help to reflect the light and multiply your shine. Adding wreaths, garland, ribbons, and other special touches can help to create a cohesive holiday display and help you to save on energy costs this holiday season.

Holiday Energy Savings in Pennsylvania

UGI Energylink wants to help you save money without sacrificing your wallet or holiday displays. Let us show you how we can help lower your costs and improve efficiency, performance, and comfort in your home or office!

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