You know well that your heating and cooling systems require power to provide the in-home comfort you need to get through our varied seasons. You adjust your settings, flip the system on, and it draws on fuel sources to provide for your demand.

But the interaction is a bit more complex than you may think. And knowing exactly how your air conditioner interactions with energy consumption could help you reduce your monthly costs. Allow the experts at UGI EnergyLink to elucidate you, and you might find yourself saving a bit!

What Factors into How Much Energy My Air Conditioner Uses?

All factors essentially boil down to how much effort your system has to go through to get its designated job done. Anything that impacts its ability to provide your comfort negatively will increase its consumption, thus increasing your cooling costs. Various aspects can have an effect on this, such as:

  • Air flow. Adequate and effective air flow is the key to optimal comfort and performance from your system. To achieve this, your system must be equipped with a clean and appropriate air filter, it must remain unblocked by dust and debris within the system, and air flow in your home must remain consistent.
  • Air pressure. Your system was installed with a very specific ideal air pressure level that takes various aspects of your home into account. To maintain this optimal pressure level, doors to rooms with vents should always remain open, and the vents themselves should likewise always stay open.
  • Component wear. Damaged or poorly performing parts not only account for the vast majority of HVAC breakdowns, but also accounts of vastly increased energy use by your air conditioner. If you intend to keep your cooling costs lower, never neglect to seek maintenance with your HVAC service provider on an annual basis.
  • Internal vs external temperature. The bigger the gap between the air temperature outdoor and the air temperature in your home, the more energy your system must expend to maintain your desired comfort level. On particularly hot days, you can reduce the energy use of your system by simply ticking your thermostat up by even a single degree.

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