holiday lights around ladder

Falling leaves, pumpkin spice everything, and chilly evenings can only mean one thing: fall has arrived! Saying goodbye to a blissful summer can be hard but with the change of seasons comes new fun and exciting activities.

Most of us also recognize the change of seasons by the merchandise lining the shelves of our favorite stores. And, if you’re like me, one of your favorite activities is decorating your home during this time of year.

Whether it’s pumpkins and gourds or snowflakes and reindeer, these next few months are a great time to get your creative juices flowing. Home décor allows us to embrace our own design aesthetic and make our visions a reality. Inside and outside decorations are equally as beautiful, but there’s something special about a dark night lit up by a light adorned home. You may choose to light your home subtly or fill every outlet and power strip you own; either way we have some tips that can help save you money while still letting your lights shine bright.

Organize Your Décor with Efficiency in Mind

While it might be tempting to go on a shopping spree as soon as the seasonal décor hits the shelves, be sure to give yourself enough time to develop a plan. How do you envision your home? Do you have reference pictures? Gather images to develop a vision board, and then write down the items to make your dream a reality. Even doing online research ahead of your shopping trip to get an idea of how much your items will cost can alleviate extra time in the store and unnecessary purchases.

Consider Solar Lights

The use of solar products can be a great option for lighting your home. With an increase in popularity over the years, solar lights are easy to find and are a high-quality solution for many of your lighting needs. Whether in the form of string lights, pathway lights, spotlights, or lighted figures, solar lights can just about do it all! They can be used year-round and rely on the sun for their power. You heard that right: no more tangled wires or extension cords!

Use LED Lights

LED lights are another highly efficient lighting method compared to traditional incandescent lighting. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Residential LEDs— especially ENERGY STAR-rated products—use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.” You really can’t beat a product with those performance stats! This form of lighting has also become widely popular around the holidays. You should easily be able to find an LED option for your traditional string or lawn lights. These LED versions operate the same as traditional lights and shine just as bright. While this type of lighting may cost you a little more upfront, the savings over time far outweigh any added expense. And, did we mention LED lights are safer and sturdier? LED string lights are even easier to install!

Choose Energy-Efficient Fixtures

We are all concerned with energy efficiency—that’s probably how you came across this page! Well good news is most manufacturers are too. They want to provide us with high-quality products to meet all of our energy needs. This means you are in good company when looking for energy efficient lighting options. Don’t worry about having to go to the ends of the earth to find what you’re looking for – a quick search on the internet will probably do the trick!

Use Automatic Timers

Automatic timers are as easy to use as they are practical for monitoring your lighting and usage. They are used to control the times when your lights turn on and off, eliminating wasted energy during hours when they are not seen or needed. Only activating your lights during the hours when they are seen is key to an energy-efficient household.

We hope this article has you excited for the change of seasons and ready to break out all of your festive decorations! The holidays are a time to sparkle and shine so make sure your lighting does the same. Better yet, now you can feel confident in your energy usage too! So, grab your string lights and start making your vision a reality!

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