Natural gas deregulation is an opportunity for you to choose who supplies your energy. No longer are you tied down to one utility company that monopolizes the market and forces you to pay energy costs that are too high for your family’s budget. By switching to affordable natural gas, you have the power to find the best, most reliable deal and a company that values you as their customer. But, you need to weigh your options carefully and understand the importance of choosing a licensed and approved natural gas supplier.

What is a Natural Gas Supplier?

A supplier refers to the natural gas company that sells consumers natural gas in a deregulated market. Suppliers provide natural gas to consumers through the existing pipes of natural gas distribution companies or utilities. When you choose a natural gas supplier, their unit price includes costs associated with the production and transmission of natural gas from their facility. Your utility will still distribute the natural gas to your home, and all problems or outages can be taken up with your utility company.

Why Should My Natural Gas Supplier Be Licensed and Approved?

The purpose of natural gas deregulation is to lower the cost of energy services and increase your level of customer satisfaction. However, it’s important to note whether or not the company you choose to provide your natural is authorized to do so. When searching for a natural gas provider, you need to choose a natural gas provider that is licensed and approved.

Licensed and approved natural gas providers have been vetted to ensure you will be receiving the best quality natural gas and customer service. Only licensed suppliers of natural gas are allowed to provide gas service in Pennsylvania and most other deregulated states.

To avoid a confusion, or a lapse in service, it’s best to seek out and choose only licensed and approved natural gas suppliers. In our state, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission maintains a list of natural gas suppliers that are licensed to serve as competitive natural gas suppliers in the market.

Consult this list of licensed and approved natural gas suppliers while narrowing down your options.

Choose UGI EnergyLink As Your Natural Gas Supplier

UGI EnergyLink is a licensed and approved natural gas and electricity provider for Pennsylvania and states along the east coast. We are the energy supplier of choice for more than 43,000 residential and business customers. By choosing us as your natural gas provider, you will learn how to:

  • Switch to a new natural gas company with no interruptions in service
  • Lock in a low rate to save money on energy costs over time
  • Improve monthly budgeting by having a consolidated, predictable energy bill
  • And more!

Interested in switching to UGI EnergyLink? Contact us to learn more and enroll now!