As a result of energy deregulation that has been enacted in many states, business owners can now choose where they buy their energy. By transitioning to a commercial electricity supplier, businesses can buy their energy from a supplier other than the local distribution company in the area. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has prepared a detailed map that outlines electricity deregulation by state. Business owners and managers in these states can shop around for the best price on their electricity service.

If you choose to transition to a commercial electric provider, such as UGI EnergyLink, your electric utility will still deliver electricity to your facility—and respond to emergencies, should they arise. Purchasing your electricity from a company other than your electric utility is purely an economic decision (and a wise one at that)—it has no impact on the reliability or safety of your service.

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Who Should Shop for Commercial Electric Services?

Any electric customer in Pennsylvania and from the states outlined in the EIA map is eligible to shop around for commercial electric services. Those businesses with high electricity usage have the strongest incentive to do so. For these businesses, saving just a few pennies on the amount paid for electricity per kilowatt hour can make a huge difference on the company’s bottom line, which is highly beneficial given the uncertain economic times we live in.

What Pricing Options Are Typically Available for Commercial Electric Services?

As part of deregulation, third party energy suppliers, including UGI EnergyLink, are typically able to offer commercial businesses two convenient, flexible pricing options:

Fixed Pricing on Commercial Electricity Services

Fixed pricing on commercial electricity is an excellent option for businesses that must meet specific budget criteria with a consistent price for the entire period. By making UGI EnergyLink your electric company, you have the option to lock in a low fixed rate on electricity. This is especially beneficial if you have a smaller business that must strictly plan and coordinate its budget.

Index Pricing on Commercial Electricity Services

Indexed pricing is suitable for businesses that are able and equipped to accept some level of risk by taking advantage of market pricing. Wholesale market conditions will dictate whether rates go up or down. This pricing option may be appropriate for you if you own or manage a larger, well-established business that is able to accept this risk while enjoying access to potentially lower rates on commercial electricity.

Why Make UGI EnergyLink Your Commercial Electricity Provider?

UGI EnergyLink is proud to be a deregulated energy supplier that serves 43,000 commercial customers throughout the northeast, including customers in:

  • Maryland (MD)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • New York (NY)
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • Delaware (DE)
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Massachusetts (MA)
  • Ohio (OH)
  • North Carolina (NC)
  • Virginia (VA)

Why make UGI EnergyLink your commercial electricity provider? We don’t just buy and sell electricity in the marketplace—we own key generation facilities, which are part of the PJM Power Pool. By optimizing the combined use of our generation and the broader PJM Pool, we can supply the most reliable and cost-effective electricity to your facility.

Once again, transitioning to our electricity service will have no impact on the reliability or safety of your service. All you have to do is fill out a simple enrollment form to make the switch.