With the holiday season upon us and home decorating activities kicking into gear, costs and energy savings should be on the brain. Before you put the finishing touches on that giant lighting display or inflate the 10-foot snowman, be sure to read these energy-efficient holiday decorating tips below.

Use LED Lighting

Are you using the same holiday lights to decorate that you used 10 years ago? If so, it’s time to ditch these inefficient lights and upgrade to LED lights. ENERGY STAR® qualified LED light strands use 70% less energy than traditional bulbs, plus they’re brighter, eco-friendly, and safer as they are much cooler than incandescent lights. LED lights, compared to incandescent lights, can last up to 10-times longer on average and are more durable as they have no filaments or glass bulbs. If you want the look of incandescent lights, look for warm white on the LED light label.

Use Light Timers

How many times did you forget to turn the lights off before going to bed and didn’t realize until leaving your house the next day? Automatic light timers can save you a significant amount of money and are necessities for holiday decorating. Setting a timer for the lights to turn on at dusk and turn off at midnight helps to save money and extend the life of the lights/lawn ornaments.

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Smart shopping will save you money. You can find local rebates and coupons on ENERGY STAR®-qualified Decorative Light Strings at several local hardware and department stores. Also, these lights have a three-year warranty, come in a variety of colors, and have indoor and outdoor models.

Creative Decorating

Did you ever look at your tree and think it could use more lights? Reflective ornaments and tinsel are just as bright at night and can help make the tree look brighter without using more lights. For your outdoor decorations, try using a wreath and garland with reflective ball ornaments to compliment your lighting display.

Use Battery-Powered Decorations

Before you start decorating, take inventory of decorations that need electricity and determine which could be swapped out for a battery-powered option to help save on electricity use. Wreaths with lights, faux candle lanterns, mantel toppers, and anything that dances or sings are great options to switch to the battery-powered model. Not only will battery-powered options save money on your electric bill, but they won’t overload receptacles and will reduce the amount of extension cords in your living space.

Don’t Overdo it

Let’s be honest. Every time the movie “Christmas Vacation” is on, we all have that grandiose idea of being Clark Griswold and lighting our house up for the astronauts to see. While that’s a fun scene to watch, don’t forget about the scene where his electric meter is spinning wildly out of control. To keep your inner Clark Griswold in check, try only lighting up parts of your house and being selective with the lawn ornaments.

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