Other than when your bill comes in the mail, you might not think about your natural gas supplier often. There probably isn’t much that brings them to mind. You may think natural gas companies in PA have very little interest in you personally, but that actually isn’t the case! Pennsylvania natural gas companies are working for you to improve your experience with natural gas and keep you comfortable in your home. Learn about some of the ways from UGI EnergyLink, that natural gas companies in PA are working for you and your family. We offer low fixed prices along with a seamless transition process, as well as convenience in billing.

Excellent Rates

Most natural gas companies in PA understand that times are tough, so every way you can save helps. Some companies offer the opportunity to lock in a low natural gas service rate so you don’t have to worry about seasonal fluctuations. Why is this a good thing? For one, your bill won’t be a surprise. You know your rate since it always stays the same – so you can estimate your cost based on your usage. Plus, those seasonal fluctuations that make your rate go way up will be a thing of the past. You’ll always have one low rate. Not all natural gas companies offer this locked rate, so keep an eye out!

Easy to Switch

Natural gas companies in PA make it really simple to switch to their services. When you switch to UGI EnergyLink for example, all it has to take is the completion of a quick online enrollment form and you’re all set. Just a few minutes out of your day is all you need. Please have ready your account number, which you can find on your most recent natural gas bill or determine by calling your local utility company.

Continue to Receive Just One Natural Gas Bill

Most natural gas companies in PA recognize that consumers do not want to be saddled with multiple bills. Once you make the switch to UGI EnergyLink, you will continue to receive just one natural gas bill. Your UGI EnergyLink charges, as well as your local utility distribution fee will be consolidated into one convenient bill and you will continue to make your payment to your local utility company.

UGI EnergyLink: Standing Out From Other Natural Gas Companies in PA

Why choose UGI EnergyLink over other natural gas companies in PA? We allow you to lock in a low fixed price that won’t fluctuate with the seasons. Locking in a low rate when prices are lower, like before winter starts, will also help you avoid seasonal spikes and better manage your annual energy costs. The UGI Corporation is a Fortune 500 company that has reliably supplied and delivered natural gas locally and globally for over 126 years. With UGI EnergyLink, you can be confident knowing that you are working with one of the most credible, helpful and experienced natural gas companies in PA.