There are a lot of natural gas companies in Pennsylvania, so how do you choose the best one for you? Well, there are actually several factors to consider when deciding the best natural gas supplier for you. You might think one natural gas company is no different from another, but when you really compare them, you’ll see there are some important differences! Check out what you should look for in a natural gas provider and then decide which one is right for you!


The best natural gas company will have years of experience under its belt. With so many natural gas companies out there, only the best will survive the fierce competition. A natural gas supplier that has been around for years knows how to run their business and please their customers – they wouldn’t have stayed around for so long otherwise! You can feel confident you will be satisfied with their service, just as other customers have been for years!

UGI EnergyLink is a part of the UGI Corporation which has been in business for over 126 years!


A reputable natural gas company will want to educate you about natural gas and other related services. Take a look at your potential natural gas provider’s website – do they have a blog with helpful information or a resources section? The best natural gas company will make an effort to give you information to make your life easier and to help you understand your natural gas service. This shows they genuinely care about you as an individual, not as just another customer!

We have a resources section with great information about natural gas and a blog that is consistently updated with helpful tips!

Additional Services

Many natural gas companies offer you natural gas – nothing else. This is fine, but what happens when your natural gas furnace breaks down in the middle of the night? The average natural gas company can’t help. But if you look around, you can find a natural gas company in Pennsylvania that wants to help you get the best natural gas service – and that includes repair of your heating appliances! Ask if your natural gas company offers any agreements that will protect your heating equipment so you’ll never get left in the cold!

UGI EnergyLink offers protection plans for your HVAC equipment with 24/7/365 emergency repairs!

UGI EnergyLink: The Best Natural Gas Company in PA

Looking for a natural gas supplier that embodies all of these qualities? UGI EnergyLink has all these great qualifications, and you’ll probably save money by switching to our services! Why stay with your current Pennsylvania natural gas company when you have to pay more for less? Plus, switching is easy! For most people all it takes is filling out a form on our website. Take a look at all the great things we have to offer and contact us to switch to our natural gas company today!