Natural gas is a hot topic in Pennsylvania. With most of the Marcellus Shale located in PA and heating costs rising during this cold winter, it’s no wonder that many residents and business owners are converting to natural gas as their heating fuel. Natural gas is efficient, reliable, and affordable when compared to other heating choices.

At UGI EnergyLink, we have been supplying natural gas to homeowners and small business owners throughout the region for over 127 years. To continue our great customer service and provide the resources necessary to help you make an informed decision about switching to natural gas, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about converting to this heating source.

Why should you convert to natural gas?

When customers switch to natural gas, they are usually switching from propane or oil as their heating source. Here are some of the facts comparing those three fueling choices:

  • Oil is costly (up to five times as expensive as natural gas) and harmful to the environment. More importantly, oil is imported from abroad (often from politically unstable countries which can make the fuel susceptible to international affairs).
  • Propane experiences volatile jumps in price due to demand. It is often much costlier at peak season, just when you need to refill your fueling supply to keep your family warm.

In comparison, natural gas is:

  • Domestically produced and abundant—most of the United States’ supply comes from right here in Pennsylvania!
  • Reliable—it is delivered directly to your property through the utility’s pipes, so you never have to refill or worry that you’ll run out.
  • Environmentally friendly—it’s the cleanest burning fuel source of the three and emits less greenhouse gases overall.
  • Affordable—the 2014 heating season is lower than the five year average and with the help of production from the Marcellus Shale, the demand is expected to be met this heating season, meaning costs can stay lower.

What are the benefits of converting to natural gas?

We could provide a long list of the benefits of converting to natural gas, but here are the most important ones to know:

  • The fuel burns more efficiently and can give you temperatures that are hotter and more consistent compared to the same energy costs as oil or propane
  • You don’t need an underground storage tank, eliminating the risk of spills or contamination or a late delivery due to weather
  • It burns cleanly and doesn’t leave behind soot, ash, or odors
  • The utility delivers the natural gas directly to your home through underground pipes and the switch from natural gas providers can be almost instantaneous
  • Stoves, ovens, dryers, and more can use natural gas so your home appliances are not limited by fuel choice
  • Homes and properties with natural gas are in demand on the market and may have a higher resale value than homes with oil or propane

Is it easy to convert to natural gas?

One of the main benefits that we could have listed above is how easy converting to natural gas is. When you enroll with UGI EnergyLink, you can lock in you low rate to help you save money on your monthly energy bills. All we need is a bit of information and you will become a member of our family of customers in Pennsylvania.

At UGI EnergyLink, we offer multiple price rating plans to ensure that your residential or commercial heating costs stay within its budget and that your family or workers can relax at a comfortable temperature all winter long.

Note: If you do not currently have natural gas pipelines directed to your home, you will need to contact your local utility.

Converting to Natural Gas in Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to convert to natural gas in Pennsylvania, UGI EnergyLink is the natural gas supplier for you. We do more than just provide natural gas to your home or business. With over 127 years of experience, we offer:

  • An opportunity to lock in a low rate and lower your gas bill
  • An easy way to switch
  • No service interruptions
  • Great customer service
  • Optional HVAC agreement and protection plans

Ready to convert to natural gas? Enroll today!