You’ve probably gotten used to your natural gas delivery – when you turn on your natural gas appliances you expect a steady stream of natural gas to run through them and make them work. But have you ever wondered what else goes into your natural gas delivery? It might seem like a simple process, but there is actually a lot that happens during a natural gas delivery! Learn more about how you get your natural gas energy from UGI EnergyLink. You’ll be surprised by the extensive path your natural gas follows to get to your Pennsylvania home!

Natural Gas Delivery: Pipelines

Natural gas energy makes its way to your home through natural gas pipelines. These natural gas pipelines are hidden underground so you probably won’t ever know they are there! The natural gas pipeline system is very extensive – much larger than you would think! According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), as of 2008 there were 305,954 miles of natural gas pipelines in the country. In Pennsylvania alone, there were 8,680 miles! That’s the highest number of miles in the Northeast – and higher than most states in the US. Bet you didn’t think all that existed just for your natural gas delivery!

Natural Gas Delivery: Transportation

Like all goods, natural gas energy has to move from where it is sourced to your local utility and then to your home. Your natural gas energy moves through miles and miles of pipelines to finally get to your home. The biggest aspect of your natural gas delivery is the pressure, which is what keeps your natural gas moving towards its destination. As a result, there are compressor stations along the natural gas pipelines to add pressure and keep the natural gas moving through. According to the American Gas Association, natural gas moves through the pipelines at a maximum of 30mph. A major benefit of the extensive transportation system is that it allows for storage when there is a lower demand for natural gas. This means less waste and more effective use of the natural gas energy.

UGI EnergyLink & Your Natural Gas Delivery

Surprised at how much goes into your natural gas delivery? At UGI EnergyLink, we rely on the natural gas pipelines across the US to give us the high quality natural gas energy that we provide to you at a great low price. Despite the complicated process of natural gas delivery, natural gas energy comes at an excellent price! And with us, you can lock in a great low rate so you don’t have to worry about seasonal fluctuations. But that’s not all! We also offer service agreements for your natural gas appliances so you can get the most out of your natural gas energy. Compare our rate for natural gas delivery to your current provider; you’ll probably save money with us – and you can take advantage of our great service agreements! Take an active role in your Pennsylvania natural gas energy by choosing UGI EnergyLink as your natural gas energy provider. Switch to us and make sure what you get with your natural gas delivery is from UGI EnergyLink!