Many homeowners choose natural gas as their main source of energy—but, once upon a time it was less of a choice. In Pennsylvania, natural gas was regulated by the government and homeowners had no choice in price, plan, or provider. In 1999, the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was signed into law, which gave Pennsylvania natural gas consumers the right to choose their supplier of natural gas.

This deregulation of natural gas provided consumers with more choices, and created competition among suppliers to keep costs down. When suppliers have to compete for consumers, the price of natural gas is naturally driven down. Before choosing a natural gas supplier, you can now compare the prices and benefits of each company, and make your decision accordingly.

What Does Natural Gas Deregulation Mean for You?

Retail natural gas means that you, the consumer, can enjoy the freedom and ability to purchase your natural gas from any natural gas company you feel best suits your needs. Finding a company that delivers you the best options, pricing plans, convenience, and flexibility are very important considerations when choosing a natural gas company in Pennsylvania. The deregulation of natural gas in our state puts the power of choice in your hands.

The Benefits of Natural Gas Deregulation

When natural gas is deregulated, you have more of a say in choosing the best plan for you and your household—but, that’s not all! Several benefits of natural gas deregulation include:

  • Flexibility – When natural gas is deregulated, you have the opportunity to shop around, compare rates, and find reliable, quality service that fits your needs. If you ever need to switch companies or find a lower, more affordable rate, that can be done in a deregulated industry.
  • Affordability – Having the ability to compare rates means you can discover and decide on a rate that is within your budget. Often, you can choose a company with fixed rates that will let you lock in a low price.
  • Autonomy – You have the power to choose the energy company you want to work with. If the price, service, or care is not up to par, you can seek out and replace your current company.

Make UGI EnergyLink Your Natural Gas Company

UGI EnergyLink offers Pennsylvania homeowners and business owners throughout the east coast a more affordable choice for their natural gas supply. After taking a look at your current gas bill and comparing it to UGI EnergyLink’s price—you might find you are paying too much!

We are not regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, but we have proudly served homes and businesses in Pennsylvania and down the east coast for more than 127 years. If you are interested in switching to UGI EnergyLink, fill out our online contact form today!