Odors can omit from a fireplace for many reasons. Although it is not completely unusual for your fireplace to have a slight odor, it is something to take caution over if you think you smell gas. Even though natural gas is odorless, many times a rotten egg smell is added to the gas so homeowners can stay safe. If your natural gas fireplace smells like rotten eggs, leave your home immediately and contact your local utility service.

While it is rare for your natural gas fireplace to leak gas, there are many other reasons why your fireplace could smell funny—many of these reasons are harmless. Check out the reasons why your natural gas could be smelling funny below! If you are looking for more information on natural gas and how to install a natural gas fireplace, call the experts at UGI EnergyLink!

Reasons your Fireplace Smells Strange

  1. If you have a brand new fireplace, it is very common to smell odors coming from your fireplace during your first use. Although you may think it smells like gas, chances are it is factory chemicals, including paint. Burn your fireplace for three hours to completely burn off any debris. Let your fireplace completely cool before you light it again. If you turn on your fireplace to smell odors again, call your local installer.
  2. If you have had your fireplace for a while and you smell an odor, it could be caused for several reasons. First, it could be caused from dust, pet dander, and more. It is important to keep your fireplace clean to ensure safety and fewer odors. Second, it could be because of new décor you put around your fireplace. When items such as candles and plants get warm, they could release an odor that you could be smelling when your fireplace is lit.
  3. If you smell rotten eggs, this means gas could be leaking from your fireplace. If you smell rotten eggs, leave your home immediately and call a professional. Natural gas is an easy and convenient form of energy; however, it can be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets.

It is important to note that natural gas fireplaces rarely have life threatening problems—natural gas fireplaces are actually safer than traditional fireplaces! Check out the benefits of using natural gas to heat your home below!

Benefits of a Natural Gas Fireplace

Natural gas is an affordable and energy efficient energy source that many homeowners in Pennsylvania are using to heat their home. While many homeowners are skeptical of natural gas, it is much safer than using logs and real fireplaces. First, there are no fumes released into your home. Second, there are no sparks that can put you and your home in danger. Finally, if you have small children or pets, natural gas fireplaces are safer than an open fire since there is a gas covering that keeps it contained.

There are several other benefits of using natural gas fireplaces in your home, these include:

  • Easy to use – natural gas fireplaces are easy to use and require no hauling in wood from the outdoors. Simply turn it out and enjoy a warm home!
  • Affordable – gas fireplaces can actually save you money on your heating bill!
  • Easy installation installing a natural gas fireplace is easy—especially if you already have natural gas hooked up to your home!

Install a Natural Gas Fireplace in Your PA Home

While winter may seem far away, it is a good idea to start thinking about how you are going to heat your home. Switch to natural gas! Natural gas is a safe, clean, and affordable heating source for homeowners in Pennsylvania.

If you’re looking to install a natural gas fireplace in your Pennsylvania home, call UGI EnergyLink. We can help you find affordable natural gas so you can enjoy low cost and safe heat all winter long! Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about Pennsylvania natural gas.