When owning or operating a fitness center or gym, costs like payroll, rent,  and equipment may be fixed costs or costs that differ very little month-over-month. But do you know how much your fitness center is spending on its energy bills every month? Clientele, hours of operation, and outdoor temperatures are just a few of the factors to consider when choosing natural gas as a fuel source for your gym.

How Fitness Centers & Gyms Use Natural Gas

Gyms often have different clientele. From teens learning how to safely workout and taking certification classes to elderly members walking on treadmills, varying ages among your fitness center’s members means you must create a safe environment for all ages.

Fitness centers use natural gas:

For heating and cooling. Finding the right temperature balance is critical for any gym, and poor heating, cooling, or ventilation in your fitness center can lead to personal injury and/or a potentially dangerous work out environment. Younger or more in-shape members may tolerate heat better than some older, less in-shape members. Provide a safe environment for members to work out in by choosing natural gas as your fitness center’s energy source for heating and cooling.

In locker rooms. Many hot water heaters are powered by natural gas, and in a place like a gym, you can use natural gas to provide hot water to locker room sinks and showers.

To heat indoor and outdoor pools. Want to swim a few laps? Make sure the pool is warm! Natural gas can be used to fuel indoor and outdoor pool heaters.

To heat saunas and steam rooms. Relieve some stress with a relaxing steam bath after your workout. Natural gas can be used to heat saunas and steam rooms in fitness centers.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is a reliable energy source for your fitness center. Natural gas is:

  • Affordable – natural gas is produced domestically, making it a cheaper energy source than imported oil and other fuel sources.
  • Clean – natural gas is the cleanest burning nonrenewable energy source, producing up to 65 percent fewer emissions than coal and up to 25 percent less emissions than oil.
  • Abundant – the state of Pennsylvania is one of the largest producers within the United States, and experts estimate the U.S. has produced enough natural gas to supply North America for 100 years at the current production rates.

Why Make the Switch to Natural Gas with UGI EnergyLink?

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