We routinely make use of natural gas all of the time. From powering our homes, to cooking food, and even for keeping warm in the cold, Pennsylvania winters. But where exactly does natural gas come from? What is it? If these questions plague you, or you’re just a bit curious, then the team at UGI EnergyLink is glad to provide some answers!

What Is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is overall defined as a fossil fuel, much like the resources coal and oil. The three are found in similar places, and made up of much of the same compounds and materials. There are a few different forms of natural gas, all of which require specific means of refining them into the fuel we use in our homes. But the vast majority of the content of natural gas is methane gas (CH4), an easy to procure and process hydrocarbon gas.

But, Where Does It Come From?

First off, there are a lot of different ways to answer this question. “Where it comes from” could define the literal geographical locations for where natural gas is mined. It can also be referring to how exactly we extract it, and could finally be referring to how it is formed in the first place. Well, at UGI EnergyLink, we’re all about covering all of your bases. So, let’s quickly and succinctly answer all of these questions.

Where Natural Gas Comes from in the United States

Here in the States, the majority of natural gas consumed is procured within our own borders. Typically, we get most of our natural gas from Texas, Oklahoma, and right here in Pennsylvania! We also get a fair bit of natural gas from our northern neighbors—Canada!

Where Natural Gas Originates

This is sort of both a how and why all at once, but comes with a very simple answer. Natural gas is mined, or you could just as easily say it is extracted, from natural rock formations deep underground. Porous rock materials such as shale contain considerable organic matter, that when extracted properly, will yield natural gas.

There are a few other ways we get natural gas, but it is most commonly pulled from areas rich in similarly natural, non-renewable resources, such as coal and petroleum.

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