Do you rely on oil to heat your home? While most homes in the U.S. use natural gas as a heating source, a significant number of homes, concentrated largely in the northeast, are still oil-dependent. Many homes in Wyomissing, PA (where UGI EnergyLink is located) and throughout the Keystone State still use heating oil furnaces as opposed to natural gas furnaces. More Pennsylvanians, however, are shifting to natural gas. Here at UGI EnergyLink, our phones have been ringing constantly this heating season—it’s clear that Pennsylvanians want to shift to natural gas furnaces to heat their homes. It’s important to understand the benefits of natural gas furnaces.

Natural Gas Furnaces Offer Financial Benefits

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that oil-dependent households in the U.S. can expect to pay close to $2,500 on average to heat their homes this heating season, which is a 19 percent increase from just last year. The U.S. receives a significant amount of oil from politically and economically unstable countries around the world, which contributes to the high oil prices. The EIA states that households with natural gas furnaces, on the other hand, can expect to pay roughly $1,000 in heating costs this season—about $1,500 less than homes with oil furnaces. Domestic production of natural gas is surging, helping the fuel become one of the most affordable forms of energy available to the residential Pennsylvania consumer.

In addition to enjoying the possibility of instant savings on energy bills by converting to natural gas, natural gas furnaces are very low-maintenance. Natural gas furnaces are typically more efficient and cost less to maintain than heating oil furnaces, resulting in greater long-term savings. If properly maintained, a natural gas furnace can provide up to 20 years of reliable service.

Does all this sound appealing to you? It will to prospective homebuyers as well if you decide to put your Pennsylvania home on the market. In fact, homes with natural gas furnaces have a four percent higher resale value compared to propane or oil-dependent homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

Natural Gas Furnaces Provide Incredible Comfort

Natural gas furnaces have two major benefits over oil furnaces. First, natural gas furnaces are known to produce heat that is between 25 and 35 degrees warmer than heat produced by oil furnaces or other heating sources. Second, natural gas furnaces produce more evenly distributed heat throughout a home than do oil furnaces. If your home is oil-dependent, you may have experienced that certain parts of your home are colder than other parts, and this can be very irritating. Not only does a natural gas furnace potentially help you enjoy instant and long-term savings, it creates a very comfortable living space you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Natural Gas Furnaces Deliver Peace of Mind

Natural gas furnaces can give Pennsylvanians peace of mind. How so? Natural gas flows into furnaces through pipes provided by the local utility company, which means you’ll never run out of the fuel. The Keystone State gets slammed with violent winter storms each year. If your home is oil-dependent, shifting to a natural gas furnace mean you’ll no longer have to lie awake at night wondering if your oil tank is empty, or possibly leaking.

Make UGI EnergyLink Your Natural Gas Supplier

Far too many homes in Wyomissing, PA and across the Keystone State are oil-dependent. Make the switch to natural gas (if you haven’t done so already) with UGI EnergyLink, one of the most reliable natural gas suppliers in Pennsylvania. We’re the natural gas supplier of choice for over 30,000 residential and commercial customers in over nine states. Our customers enjoy the fact that we offer fixed and variable natural gas rates and other pricing options you can choose from.

Don’t miss out on the financial benefits, comfort, and peace of mind offered by natural gas furnaces. Fill out our simple enrollment form—all it takes is filling out some basic information to convert to our reliable, well-established natural gas service.