About Natural Gas Heating

Are you looking for the best way to heat your Pennsylvania home? Look no further than natural gas. Natural gas will transform your home heating experience. Natural gas has a huge number of advantages and an unlimited number of applications!

Natural Gas Heating Advantages

Heating your home with natural gas has many advantages, including:

  • Natural gas is mainly sourced from the USA
  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel – fewer greenhouse gases are released in production
  • Natural gas has many applications in your home – heating, cooking and more
  • Natural gas is reliable – it’s always there when you need it
  • Natural gas appliances are more efficient than electric or oil

With all these advantages of natural gas – what are you waiting for?

Natural Gas in Your Home

Natural gas is a great option for heating your home! But natural gas has applications beyond heating your home itself. Many appliances run on natural gas, such as stoves and dryers. These appliances tend to run more efficiently so you get your food cooked and your clothes dried faster! Natural gas also works great for your fireplace or outdoor grill. Natural gas will burn hotter than other fuels, so you will be warmer (for cheaper) in the winter months!

For cooking aficionados, using a natural gas stove is an excellent choice. Many professional chefs prefer natural gas stoves because they heat food faster. If you plan to do a lot of cooking, consider a natural gas powered stove.

Natural Gas Heating Today

If you are building a new home or choosing a new heating source for your home, natural gas is a fantastic choice! More and more home buyers are looking for natural gas due to its many advantages. If you’re planning on selling your home, marketing it as having natural gas heating will be a major selling point. This will stand out to buyers as a wonderful amenity and you could end up hiking up the resale value of your home!

Get Your Natural Gas from UGI EnergyLink

If you are a Pennsylvania homeowner looking for natural gas, UGI EnergyLink is the company for you! Natural gas from UGI EnergyLink could save you money on your gas bill. You can compare your current bill to our price on our website and see how much you can save! Switching to UGI EnergyLink is easy, for most customers all it takes is a simple form on our website! We’ve been providing our customers with natural gas for over 15 years, so you can be confident you will be satisfied with our services. Contact us for natural gas today!