Goblins and ghouls should be the only thing that’s frightening this fall season. If you are concerned about how you are going to heat your home or commercial building this Halloween season, look no further than natural gas. Switching from oil, propane, or other heat sources to natural gas is easy and affordable.

Don’t let switching to natural gas scare you this Halloween season. Learn more about natural gas and how easy it is to make the switch from the energy experts at UGI EnergyLink!

Why Natural Gas?

Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful forms of everyday energy. Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is formed when thousands of buried plants and animals are compacted and exposed to intense heat. It is found hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface, usually beneath reservoirs. There are many benefits compared to using oil to heat your building this season, including:

  • Affordable—natural gas is a domestic product right here in the northeastern United States. Because there are no overseas shipping costs, natural gas tends to be more affordable than other heating sources, which can lower your heating bills!
  • Reliable—unlike oil, natural gas is readily available.  Oil requires delivery service at least once a year, whereas natural gas involves piping directly to your home or commercial building so you never have to worry about scheduling delivery service.
  • Clean— natural gas releases 45 percent less carbon dioxide than any other widely available fuel source. Because natural gas is a clean fossil fuel, you will help the environment by using fuel that emits cleaner debris compared to oil.
  • Energy efficient—natural gas can heat a home or building to the same temperature while using less energy. This not only effects your equipment but it can also affect your energy bill!

How to Switch to Natural Gas

Switching to natural gas shouldn’t be spooky this Halloween season! If your home or office is located in the northeast United States, simply contact UGI EnergyLink to make the switch. Our professionals will help you make all the necessary arrangements. All you need to switch is your account number and current utility company’s name, which can be found on your recent bill.

You can also make the switch online by filling out UGI EnergyLink’s simple enrollment form.

Switch to Natural Gas Today!

With UGI EnergyLink, switching to natural gas is easy! We offer natural gas for commercial properties as well as for residential properties. Contact us today to make the switch today—800-797-0712!