King of Prussia, located outside of Philadelphia, is full of boutiques, hair salons, restaurants, and small businesses. Holding the largest mall in Pennsylvania and the second largest mall in the United States, King of Prussia is the Northeast’s premier shopping destination.

If you own a small business in King of Prussia, the stress of day-to-day operations alone can be overwhelming. The last thing you should be stressed about is how to keep your businesses warm this winter. UGI EnergyLink is a leading natural gas supplier in Pennsylvania and can help you heat your building or storefront this season with little worries.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas has both environmental benefits and cost benefits that can help your King of Prussia business.

Natural Gas Is Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, producing mainly water vapor. Commercial natural gas for King of Prussia businesses emits 45 percent less carbon dioxide than any other widely available fuel source, meaning fewer greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Primary greenhouse gasses include carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, and engineered chemicals. These harmful gasses are found in other energy sources, such a propane, greatly effect global climate change and global warming. Clean gas not only helps the environment, but is healthier for you, your employees, and your customers to breath.

It also helps the United States’ economy. Because natural gas is a domestic fossil fuel, a higher demand of the clean gas will result in a decrease of dependence on foreign oil.

Natural Gas Is Cost Effective

Over the years, the cost of heating your business has drastically increased. For King of Prussia business owners, you can expect to pay close to $3.00 per gallon this season for heating oil and a total of over $2,000 for propane. Because natural gas is a domestic gas, distribution costs are lower resulting in a lower price for you. Natural gas is now one of the most affordable forms of energy available for business owners in Pennsylvania.

Natural Gas Is Energy Efficient

Not only is natural gas affordable, it is also energy efficient which could affect your utility bills. Natural gas produces heat that is 25 to 35 degrees warmer than heat produced by other heating sources while using the same amount of energy. With natural gas, you can use less energy while staying comfortable all season long.

Switch Your King of Prussia Business’s Heat Source to Natural Gas

Before heating season begins this fall, switch your business’s heat source to natural gas. Switching your heat source has never been easier with UGI EnergyLink. Headquartered only an hour north of King of Prussia, UGI EnergyLink is a leading commercial and residential energy supplier in Pennsylvania, as well as:

  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Washington, DC
  • Virginia

We offer multiple natural gas pricing options for business owners, making the switch even easier. Choose from options such as our fixed price, monthly price, or triggered price. To switch your business to use natural gas as your heat source this season, fill out UGI EnergyLink’s simple enrollment form today.