Commercial Natural Gas Prices in North Carolina

Did you know that banks and other financial services companies located in North Carolina are able to choose their natural gas provider? And with commercial natural gas from UGI EnergyLink, North Carolina banks and financial services can choose between four unique natural gas pricing options:

  • Fixed Price
  • Monthly Price
  • Triggered Price
  • Fuel Switching for Savings

Our pricing options are designed to suit your business’s needs—giving our commercial customers additional pricing options and lower rates. Below, we outline the benefits of natural gas.

Natural Gas Benefits

Natural gas is one of the most energy-efficient fuels available on the market today and has many benefits. Natural gas:

Burns clean. The cleanest of the three main types of fossil fuels (gas, coal, and oil), natural gas produces less nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide than coal and oil. On average, natural gas emits just 1135 lbs/MWh (pounds per megawatt hour of energy produced) of carbon dioxide, 0.1 lbs/MWh of sulfur dioxide, and 1.7 lbs/MWh of nitrogen oxides. This amounts to roughly 50 percent less carbon dioxide, less than 33 percent nitrogen oxides, and one percent as much sulfur oxides than coal and oil.

Transports clean. Natural gas is transported and delivered to your North Carolina bank or financial company via underground pipelines. This means no trucks are used to deliver your natural gas, unlike oil.

Is reliable. Since natural gas is delivered through underground pipelines, we are able to deliver your energy directly to your business using natural gas connections located on the exterior of your building or commercial property. So when you’re experiencing a power outage or even a rare winter storm, you can rest assured your natural gas will be available.

Is abundant. Many North Carolina banks rely on heating oil or propane to heat their building. However, regularly-scheduled delivery or oil or propane is required. Otherwise, your bank or financial company may run out of fuel, potentially causing your business to be shut down for minor periods of time.

Is produced domestically. Natural gas is produced domestically, meaning you no longer have to rely on expensive heating oil and its varying prices, depending on available supply levels and importation tariffs.

Is affordable. Because natural gas is produced domestically and is deregulated in North Carolina, commercial natural gas providers (like UGI EnergyLink) are able to offer competitive pricing options to suit your business’s needs.

Is energy-efficient. Natural gas is approximately 92 percent energy-efficient, meaning for every 100 units of energy consumed, 92 percent is directly converted to energy. Compared to oil (85 – 86 percent) and propane (roughly 90 percent), natural gas is the most energy-efficient choice!

Pricing Options from UGI EnergyLink

There are multiple pricing options available from UGI EnergyLink for North Carolina banks and financial services. These include:

Fixed Price

Achieve price certainty for periods that range from several months to more than a year by locking in a fixed price. This option is ideal to help you manage energy budgeting more easily. You are guaranteed a set, competitive natural gas rate at the time of contract.

Monthly Price

Our monthly pricing option gives you some certainty on energy costs while allowing monthly flexibility to take advantage of variable market conditions. Depending on market fluctuations, you could pay a different amount for your natural gas services, allowing you to take advantage of lower market rates in North Carolina.

Triggered Price

A triggered pricing option means your very own UGI EnergyLink representative will work closely with you to help control commodity prices—using New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) triggers to provide the most attractive pricing levels for your bank or financial company.

Fuel Switching for Savings

Fuel switching for savings allows you to do just that—use varied fuel choices to maximize your purchasing power. We can switch deliveries among natural gas, heating oil, or propane (depending on your preferences) to take advantage of product price differentials during any particular time or season.

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