As the East Coast cools down, hotel owners throughout the state of New York are preparing for heating season. Whether you have a five star hotel near Times Square or a bed and breakfast near Niagara Falls, keeping your guests warm and comfortable is essential for a pleasant stay this season.

Natural gas, heating oil, and propane are three different ways property managers throughout New York heat their hotel; however, you may be wondering which option is the best for your building. Of the three, natural gas burns the cleanest and is the most affordable; all while keeping guests comfortable and warm all season long.

Below, UGI EnergyLink compares natural gas to oil and propane and further explains why natural gas should be your heating choice for your hotel.

What Is Natural Gas?

Natural gas is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful forms of everyday energy. Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is formed when thousands of buried plants and animals are compacted and exposed to intense heat. It is found hundreds of feet below the earth’s surface, usually beneath reservoirs. In its original state, natural gas is odorless and colorless; however, often an odorant is added so leaks  can be easily detected.

Natural Gas vs. Heating Oil in Hotels

UGI EnergyLink recommends choosing natural gas for your hotel over heating oil for several reasons. First, it is more affordable. Natural gas is a domestic product; whereas oil usually is imported from other countries. Importing oil from unstable regions can cause high prices, due to transportation. In recent years, this has caused natural gas prices to be more affordable than traditional heating oil. Second, it is much cleaner than traditional heating oil, improving sustainability and the environment.

Natural gas from UGI EnergyLink is affordable for hotels in New York and across the East Coast. We offer multiple pricing options for natural gas—including our fixed-price and monthly-price rates. With our multiple pricing options, you will no longer have to scramble to fill last minute rooms just to pay your heating bill.

Natural Gas vs. Propane in Hotels

Propane is a liquid that is made from natural gas. Because propane comes from natural gas as well as other forms of energy, it is often priced higher compared to natural gas. Propane experiences unexpected peaks of high pricing, making it harder to budget annually. Also, because propane is made from a mixture of chemicals, it is often not as clean as pure, natural gas.

When you are trying to decide which form of energy your hotel should use, choose natural gas.

Other Benefits of Natural Gas


In addition to the financial incentives of having natural gas in your hotel, it is also clean. Natural gas is healthier for your guests and employees and improves the quality of air omitted into the atmosphere.  Natural gas emits less oxide and hardly any sulfur dioxide compared to other heating sources, which contributes to a healthier, more sustainable environment.


Natural gas will help overall how the rooms in your hotel feel for guests. Natural gas is able to produce heat that is 25 to 35 degrees warmer than other heating sources, while using the same amount of energy. This will not only improve the comfort of guests but help you save money that will reflect your bottom line!

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